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United India Health Insurance

United India Insurance Company Overview:

   United India insurance company limited (UIIC) is one amongst the famous insurers of India. it had been established on 18th Feb in 1938.

There area unit around 22 insurance institutions incorporates to form United India Insurance.

Once the nationalization, the company registered a rise. it’s around 18300 workers WHO area unit spread across 1340 offices everywhere India.

The company is one of the oldest and trustworthy insurance companies in India.

The company caters into nearly every section of the general insurance industry.

It has its headquarters in Chennai. It offers a large variety of product which too at an inexpensive price.

On an average, the company produces insurance policies to throughout 1 crore users.

The company caters into insurance, travel insurance, motor insurance, and business insurance.

Therefore, you’ve got multiple choices to settle on from. the company carries the expertise of virtually twenty years within the same.

It believes in complete client satisfaction and therefore tries to assist them in every potential manner.

United India Health Insurance:

         There is no denying the very fact that the health insurance sector has appeared because of the most significant sort of money and mental security.

Their area unit many types of individuals who don’t offer much importance to a health insurance plan, however, it’s really a vital issue that you just should look for.

Here at United India insurance, you’ll get the best comprehensive plans that facilitate to meet your needs.

With the assistance of United India health insurance plan, you’d be able to address the mounting health care costs. 

Currently, you’ll renew and buy United India health insurance online which is able to save your valuable time.

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United India Health Insurance

Highlights of United India Health Insurance:

  • United India insurance company LTD offers a good range of health coverage to satisfy the requirements of the various sector of people.
  • It provides coverage for four members of the family with up to 2 adults and 2 children.
  • Under United India insurance, you’ll be able to get medical expenses covered for 30 days before hospitalization and 60 days for post-hospitalization for connected medical expenses.
  • The company offers cashless therapy facility over 7000+ hospitals across India.
  • If you buy United India insurance policy, you’ll be able to avail life-long renewal possibility.
  • You can get a free medical check-up once 3 consecutive claim free years.
  • United India medical insurance offers 200th co-pay for a senior citizen on major diseases.
  • You should purchase or renew United India health insurance online and can also get free quotes.

United India Health Insurance Plans:

1) United India Individual Health Insurance Gold Policy:

          Health insurance is required in each aspect of life, as life is unpredictable.

India’s leading general insurers United India brings this Individual health insurance Gold plan to take care of unforeseen medical expenses for a person with the choice of spouse, dependent kids and dependent parents within the same policy.

 If you’re looking for any health insurance plan, then definitely you’ll go for this United India Individual health insurance Gold plan.

You’ll read this write up to know a lot of regarding this health insurance plan.

Key Features:
  • Health check-up is required before policy issuance.
  • If no claims are created, expenses of medical check-up once every three years.
  • 5% of the family discount of the premium accessible.
  • The policy may be a renewed lifetime. you’ll also get thirty days grace period to renew the policy.
  • You will avail tax benefit.
United India Health Insurance

United India Individual Health Insurance Gold Plan Benefits:

  • As per United India Individual health insurance Gold plan, you’ll be able to get coverage for hospitalization expenses. These expenses include room rent, nursing, boarding additionally as ICU prices.
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses most of 30 days before the hospital and post-hospitalization expenses up to 60 days after the discharge of hospital.
  • This policy provides fees to an MD, doctor, specialist, consultant, anesthesiologist, medical practitioner.
  • Cost of blood, anesthesia, oxygen, medicines, and medicines are covered under this plan.
  • Covered for daycare treatments that include therapy, dialysis, radiation etc.
  • You will avail cashless facilities at more than 7000 hospitals across India.
  • Expenses for artificial limbs, medicine, pacemaker, below cardiac valve replacements, orthopedic implants are coated under this plan.
  • United India Individual health insurance Gold plan provides coverage for the cost of RMO, blood transfusion, IV fluids, injection administration, medical specialty tests like X-ray and different medical expenses.

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2) United India- Health Platinum Plan:

United India – platinum health insurance plan is a patient hospitalization policy, at the side of a host of different advantages like – Ayurvedic Treatment, Daycare treatments, No Claim Discount, etc.

Key Features:
  • Any expenses related to organ donor shall be covered under the policy.
  • Non-Allopathic Treatment like Ayurvedic, Unani and homeopathic treatment are covered underneath this plan.
  • Health Checkups: Expenses of Health check-up are reimbursed once at the tip of each 3 continuous years of insurance provided no claims area unit reportable, subject to 1 / 4 of the Sum Insured.

Coverage Details of Platinum Plan:

  • Hospitalization expenses including nursing, boarding and room expenses subject to a most of I Chronicles of the sum assured or actual, whichever is lower. ICU expenses are covered to an extent of 22 of the sum assured or actual, whichever is lower.
  • Expenses related to the surgeon, medical practitioner, specialist, medical specialist, consultants fees.
  • In case the assured individual chooses a room with higher rent than the authorized class, the amount of cover provided by the company are restricted to the fees applicable to the authorized class only.
  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses up to 30 days before the date on that the patient was admitted.
  • Post-hospitalisation expenses up to 60 days from the date on that the patient was discharged.
  • Expenses related to daycare treatment (for procedures that need the patient to be hospitalized for less than 24 hours.
  • Expenses related to treatment received from any hospital recognized by the govt and/or recognized by the National Certification Board on Health / Quality Council of India.
  • Expenses incurred at any cashless facility of across Pan India.
  • 5% family discount on overall premium just in case the policy is taken for the client and one or a lot of members of the family like dependent children or spouse.
  • A 15-day free look period is granted once the tenure of the policy commences.

3) Family Medicare:

   This policy covers all the members of the family underneath one sum Insured.

The family includes self, spouse equivalent, and Dependent children are covered.

The eligibility of age in this policy is between the ages of 18 and 80 years.

  • No medical tests required for total Insured up to Rs.10  lacs and age up to 45 yrs.
  • Wide cover for treatment against illnesses and accident.
  • Get coverage before, throughout and once hospitalization.
United India Health Insurance

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What is covered in United India Insurance Family Medicare Health Plan Insurance?
  • Hospital room rent and boarding still as nursing expenses.
  • Nursing care charges, RMO charges, cost of IV fluids, blood, oxygen, injections, and management charges.
  • ICU, diagnostic procedures, operation theatre, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, medicines, medication & consumables, surgical appliances, prosthetics, pacemaker and alternative devices implanted internally.
  • Expenses of a donor (does not cover price of the organ).
  • All medical care expenses.
  • Also covers several costs of X-ray, Dialysis, therapy, radiotherapy, laboratory tests etc. 
  • Cataract, hernia, hysterectomy, cardiac surgery, cancer surgery, brain tumor surgery, hip replacement, knee joint replacement, sinus syndrome –cover restricted to an explicit proportion of sum assured.
  • Pre-hospitalisation for thirty days and post medical care costs for sixty days

4) Family Medicare 2014:

This plan covers all the relations as well as self, relative and dependent children underneath one single plan. It primarily offers hospitalization expenses, day-care treatment, AYURVEDIC treatment etc.

Features & Benefits:

Basic attributes:

What you may get under United Insurance Family Medicare 2014?

What would be the required cover?

What’s going to you get beneath the same?

Is it useful or not?

There are also several queries in your mind.

However, the solution to them is- affirmative, it’s the proper cover for you at an affordable value.

Useful coverage for hospitalization expenses, further expenses that occur throughout hospitalization and cost of Ayurvedic treatment similarly.

Offer Coverage On Hospitalization Expenses:

Customers can get coverage on most hospitalization expenses that will assist you in many alternative things and facilitate in leading a stable life.

Hospitalization Expenses:

You get coverage on most hospitalization expenses like room boarding, nursing expenses, intensive care unit expenses, surgeon expense, anesthetic, health care provider, specialists, and consultants fees further.

Organ Transplant also is Covered:

A method like Pacemaker, orthopedic implants, infra cardiac valve replacements, tube stents, relevant laboratory/diagnostic tests, x-ray and similar expenses that are medically essential and hospitalization expenses (excluding the cost of the organ) incurred for the donor in respect of a surgical operation to the insured.

Ensure Ayurvedic Treatment:

You will also get coverage on Ayurvedic treatment such as treatment in government or any government associated hospitals.

Apart from this, there area unit more benefits that you just can’t get on selecting this plan, like cashless facility, no claim profit, free look-in period and free medical check-up similarly.

5) Individual Mediclaim Plan:

This plan is intended to offer the policyholder the coverage against any diseases, illnesses or injuries suffered throughout the policy period. This coverage is but given just in case of a surgical operation or hospitalization.

Individual Mediclaim Policy Coverage Details:

  • Coverage is obtainable to the assured individual just in case he/she contracts a disease/illness or sustains bodily injuries
  • Hospitalization expenses are covered for surgical/medical treatment at any hospital/nursing home in India
  • Hospitalization expenses that are covered embody boarding or room expenses, nursing expenses, specialist, consultants, medical practitioners, specialists, and surgeon’s fees
  • Cover for surgical appliances, oxygen, anesthesia, operation theatre charges, blood, x-ray, diagnostic materials, medicines, and drugs
  • Cost of a pacemaker, cost of organs, therapy, artificial limbs, radiotherapy, dialysis, and similar expenses
  • Hospitalization expenses area unit covered if the patient is under look after a minimum of twenty-four hours.
  • The conditions / procedures that area unit exception to the present area unit adenoidectomy, appendectomy, serous membrane / ascitic tapping, auroplasty, coronary X-ray photography, coronary operation, radiation, lithotripsy, varicocelectomy, incision and drainage of symptom, wound sewing, FESS, ventral / inguinal / leg bone / omphalocele, surgical operation, epithelial duct therapy, septoplasty, piles / fistula, sinusitis, prostate, dental medicine, dialysis, D&C, fissurectomy / fistulectomy, excision, cutting out, endoscopies, eye surgery, hydrocele, liver aspiration, vein tying, excision of lump / tumour / cyst, sclerotherapy, hysterectomy, and dislocation / fracture excluding hairline fracture.

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6) Senior Citizen: 

This policy specifically outlines for the senior citizens of India.

The eligibility age is between the ages of sixty-one and eighty years.

Beyond eighty years the insured will still renew their policy provided there’s no break within the policy tenure.

Total insured offered is between authority one to three lakhs in multiples of authority 50,000.

  • Exclusive policy for Senior citizens aged 61 yrs and on top.
  • Domiciliary hospitalisation profit is provided.
  • Co-payment of the premium is needed whereby a vicinity of the expenses have to be compelled to be borne by the policyholder.

What Is Covered In United India Insurance Plan for Senior Citizens?

  • Hospitalization expenses and room rent, boarding likewise as ICU costs.
  • Fees of Dr., doctor, medical specialist, specialist, consultant etc.
  • Cost of blood, anesthesia, oxygen, medicines and medicines etc.
  • Cost of medicine like X-ray.
  • Daycare procedures like therapy, dialysis, radiation.
  • Cost of artificial limbs, medical specialty, pacemaker, infra heart valve replacements, orthopedic implants etc
  • RMO charges, IV fluids, transfusion, injection administration costs, and similar expenses
  • Pre-hospitalisation expenses for a period of up to thirty days before hospitalization
  • Post-hospitalization expenses for a period of up to sixty days once hospitalization
  • Major surgeries like cancer, brain tumor, cardiac surgeries, pacemaker implantation for sick sinus syndrome

7) Super top Up Medicare:

   This insurance Policy is on the market to each Individual and floater basis.

In individual, all members of the family including the parents will be covered under one policy with a completely different sum insured.

In group basis single sum insured for all members of the family.

Eligibility age has to be between eighteen and eighty years.

Children between the age of three months and eighteen years will be covered provided either or each parent are covered at the same time.

Features and advantages of United India Super top-up Plan:
  • Cover for hospitalization expenses together with nursing, boarding and room expenses
  • Cover for expenses related to a doctor, medical practitioner, specialist, anesthetist, consultants fees
  • Cover for expenses related to anaesthetic, oxygen, surgical appliances, blood, operation theatre fees, drugs and medicines, therapy, dialysis, radiation therapy, cost of prosthetic devices used throughout surgical procedures like pacemaker, below cardiac valve replacements, orthopedical implants, vascular  stents, diagnostic / laboratory tests, cost of artificial limbs, x-ray and connected expenses.
  • Cover for the utilization of any cashless facility across Pan India
  • A 15-day free look period is applicable from the time the policy commences
  • Income tax advantages are availed if the premium is got dependent parents, dependent children, spouse, and self
  • Any pre-existing illnesses won’t be covered till the policy has last a minimum of forty-eight months
  • Inoculation and vaccination of any type unless it’s the treatment for post-animal bite
  • Run down and general debility conditions
  • Plastic surgery, plastic surgery, circumcision
  • Pregnancy and related ailments
  • An act of radiation, foreign enemy, nuclear weapon and war
  • Naturopathy
  • Unproven or experimental treatment
  • All external equipment

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8) Top up Medicare:

This insurance plan covers expenses associated with hospitalization just in case of any covered ill health throughout the period of the policy.

This policy covers the expenses that exceed over and higher than the threshold limit of the number offered or an amount that’s reimbursable, whichever is higher.

  • Tax exemptions as per Section 80D of the Taxation Act, 1961.
  • Min – 18 years max – 80 years
  • Dependent children up to 18 years if a minimum of one in each of the parents is additionally covered.
  • Unmarried and unemployed girls, unemployed disabled children don’t have an age limit.
  • Male child up to 26 years concerned full-time studies will be covered as a dependent.
  • Portability to transfer policy.
  • Flexible sum assured choices to settle on from.
  • Pre and post hospitalization cover.

Top-Up health Care Policy Coverage Details:

  • Hospitalization expenses as well as room, boarding, nursing, IV fluids, blood transmission, injection administration, RMO charges etc.
  • Specialist, professional, surgeon, anesthetic or consultant fees.
  • Organ transplant, prosthetic devices, pacemaker, tests, dialysis, therapy, x-ray, medicine and drugs, surgical appliances, OT, blood, oxygen, anesthetic or connected expenses.
  • Pre-hospitalization up to 30 days.
  • Post-hospitalization up to 60 days.
  • Ambulance charges up to Rs.2,500 per person.

9) Workmen Health Care Plan:

This insurance plan offers an optional sum insured amounting to Rs.50,000, Rs.1 lakh and Rs.1.5 lakh.

This plan is largely designed to cover any kind of hospitalization expenses, because of an accident, to the staff throughout their tenure of employment.

Sometimes manufactory house owners, contractors etc. area unit the target segment for this kind of health policy.

Features And Benefits:

Basic Attributes:

This is one in every of a form insurance policy that provides coverage to workmen which has staff, factory house owners, contractors and many additional.

This is a useful plan that helps workmen leading a stable life.

Hospitalization expense:

Like alternative health insurance plan, it additionally offers coverage of hospitalization expenses. however, it particularly supplies this to workmen.

It provides coverage on a room, Boarding and Nursing expenses among others.  

It comprises nursing care, IV fluids/Blood Transfusion/Injection administration expenses, RMO charges, and far additional.

Ambulance Coverage:

By having this plan you would not need to pay for ambulance expenses as this feature can have a go at it for you.

Extra Cover:

Surgeon, anesthesiologist, health care provider, Specialists Fees, Consultants, Anesthetic, blood, oxygen, surgical appliances, Operation theatre charges, Medicines, Diagnostic material, X-ray, Artificial limbs and many such expenses.

Provides extra coverage:

This plan offers extra coverage with its useful options.

Coverage on ambulance Expenses:

This plan additionally offers coverage on ambulance expenses up to some limits.

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10) Medical Insurance or healthcare Insurance:

   The method of insurance that covers the medical investment and expenses within the form of compensation that supported premium plans created by the insurance company for a personal policyholder.

The insured is that the owner of the healthcare insurance policy; someone with the health insurance coverage.

In health insurance terminology, the “provider” may be a clinic, hospital, mediclaim policy doctor, laboratory, health care professional person, or pharmacy.

Features of United India health insurance:
  • Easy online purchase

   All United India health insurance policies will be simply purchased online by following an easy set of tips. apart from purchase, policies may also be renewed online and claims will be created through their website.

  • Comprehensive medical cover

   The various health insurance policies have given by United India provide complete coverage as well as hospitalization expenses, room rent, ICU charges, and special discount offers.

The policies additionally give a good vary of add-on options.

  • No claim bonus

   Policyholders are eligible to avail a no claim bonus discount at the time of renewing the policy.

This discount is offered on all the various plans available underneath United India.

  • Cashless hospitalization

   United India has an extensive network of cashless network hospitals wherever customers will avail smart quality health services with none hassles.

Claims can be created for cashless claim services just in case of planned medical treatment or medical emergencies.

  • Free medical check-up

   United India offers customers the ability to get a free medical check-up at regular intervals.

These preventive health care check-ups are complete packages that check for overall blood picture, scanning, HIV, and different basic tests.

  • Pre-hospitalization cover

   The policyholder will avail the costs incurred before hospitalization like medical expenses, consultation charges, etc.

These expenses is covered up to a period of 30 days.

  • Ambulance fee

   Coverage is provided for transportation charges to the hospital in question from the spot of the emergency.

The fees incurred towards ambulance travel are reimbursed.

United India Health Insurance Online Renewal:

   United India Policy renewal has an identical amount of significance as buying United India Insurance online.

The renewal of United India Insurance can simply take a very little of your time.

For United India Policy renewal online, you may have to follow some basic and easy instructions.

To form the renewal process much easier and simpler for you, we’re breaking down the step by step procedure for United India Policy renewal online.

  • For United India Policy renewal, first, you may have to visit the official online portal of United India Insurance.
  • After that, you’ll have to choose your plan and opt for United India Policy renewal for identical.
  • You will be asked to enter your United India insurance policy number thereafter for the renewal process.
  • After getting into your policy number, you may have to pay for the premium of your policy online for United India Policy renewal.

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United India Health Insurance

United India Insurance Claim Form Process:

However, the claim process for United India health insurance works:

  • It is needed to register the claim among 7 days of the patient’s or the covered individual’s discharge, and instantly let New India Assurance know about it.
  • You need to fill and submit the Claims type, providing a photocopy of a valid ID proof along with it.
  • Then you need to send the specified medical certificates along with diagnosing reports that are signed by a doctor.
  • All the reports also because the discharge summary i.e. original copy has got to be submitted for verification.


Document Required for United India Health Insurance:

The following documents required to be submitted to United India Health Insurance:

  • Bills: All the original hospital bills, with stamps and signatures from the hospital, should be submitted.
  • Claim form: The claim form which must be filled with relevant details, signatures and finally is submitted.
  • Discharge Report: the original discharge report should be submitted likewise.
  • All other originals reports related to the treatment (including medical bills and investigation reports) should be submitted.
  • The future line of treatment, as well as follow-up check-ups by the relevant doctor, should be sent as well.

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