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Two Wheeler Insurance - Online Renewal Procedure

Two wheeler Insurance Online Overview: 

   The Bike insurance offers the insured person financial protection after an accident.

Vehicle owners have the choice between two-wheeler reliability insurance i.e. third-party insurance and comprehensive insurance.

A two-wheeler insurance protects you from damage that you may suffer in the event of an unexpected event such as an accident, vehicle theft, etc.

Types of two-wheeler insurance in India:

   If you buy two-wheeler insurance, you have to choose between third-party liability insurance or (a full) comprehensive two-wheeler insurance.

Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Below are the main features and benefits of both type of insurance:

Third party Liability only insurance:

   Third party insurance is required by law in India.

This insurance covers only damage or loss caused by the insured bike to the third party or the property.

It also offers a personal accident insurance for the bike owner.

However, none of the insurers will assume any damage, damage or theft of the insured bike.

The coverage of a Third-party liability- only insurance as follows:

  • Damage to the vehicle, property or property of third parties
  • Assault or death to a third party
  • Individual accident insurance for the owner / driver of the vehicle up to a certain amount insured

Exclusions from third-party liability- only insurance:

  • The damage to your two-wheeler vehicle is not covered. Damage to the insured bike due to an accident is not covered. The policyholder must pay the repair costs.
  • Accidental damage / loss / liability outside the prescribed geographical area.
  • Claims arising from a contractual liability.
  • Accidental loss / damage to third parties, possibly resulting from an indirect loss
  • Loss, damage, liability, invasion and other acts of war.
  • Any liability for radioactive contamination or nuclear weapons.

Two Wheeler Insurance Online Comprehensive Insurance:

   To fully protect your two-wheelers, you must choose comprehensive two-wheeler insurance.

It provides full financial protection against damage caused by the bicycle and for any loss or damage caused by the insured vehicle to a third party.

Do not worry if your bike is stolen.

Full insurance i.e comprehensive insurance also covers the theft of bicycles.

A comprehensive insurance offers insured persons with the following insurance cover:

  • Liability to third parties with respect to personal injury / death of third parties and / or property damage to third parties
  • Personal Accident insurance for owners / drivers of two-wheelers
  • Damage to your own vehicle due to an accident
  • Damage to vehicles due to man-made events.
  • Vehicle damage caused by lightning, fire, earthquakes, floods, storms, etc.
  • Total constructive loss

Exclusions from Comprehensive insurance (full coverage) Two Wheeler:

Although comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by people caused by your vehicle, there are certain exclusions:

  • Damage caused when the policy is not active or has expired is not covered
  • Mechanical wear due to aging
  • Any mechanical or electrical fault
  • Driving without legal and valid license
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or intoxicants
  • The use of two wheeler for commercial purposes is not covered

Coverage                  Comprehensive Cover  Third-party Cover
Injury                                              Yes                                     Yes
Death                                               Yes                                     Yes
Damage to the third party          Yes                                     Yes
Personal accident cover              No                                      Yes
Theft                                                No                                      Yes
Fire damage                                   No                                      Yes
Loss of vehicle                               No                                      Yes
Natural calamities                        No                                      Yes
Man-made calamities                  No                                       Yes                
NCB                                                  No                                       Yes

Two Wheeler Insurance Online

Add-on two-wheeler insurance for the sportbike/ superbike:

   The risk of exposure to a superbike or a sports bike is much higher than with a normal bike or scooter.

Superbikes or sports motorcycles use a superior technique that allows you to drive faster while maintaining speed.

Although this is an exciting experience, the risk and damage to the bike or to yourself can not be ignored.

For Superbikes like Harley, Ducati, BMW, KTM, etc.

A normal standard insurance is never enough & a simple liability insurance to complete, not to be punished, is certainly a big “no”.

While a comprehensive policy provides protection against a number of situations, the cover amount required by a super bike is simply not enough.

Insurance companies now offer personalized bike insurance based on the needs of the customer and the bike.

If you own a superbike / sportbike, you choose an insurer that offers you maximum insurance coverage at nominal cost.

In a standard font, there are few exclusions that can cause significant harm from taking out insurance, such as depreciation.

In order to improve your coverage and save on losses, or to personally pay for an accident, repair, parts replacement, depreciation, etc.

You will need to opt for additional optional coverages. All of these optional safeguards can be used for an additional premium for your basic insurance.

Tata Aig company also provides two wheeler insurance.

Add-on Cover For Superbikes:

1. Zero Depreciation cover:

   The devaluation of any machine is a reality and a truth that you can not avoid, even if it is a superbike that you like very much.

The depreciation rate is set by the IRDAI according to the age of the vehicle.

A zero depreciation coverage is an additional optional coverage offered by each insurance company.

Because when you apply for two-wheeler insurance, the calculation of depreciation plays an important role in the repayment of cash.

This can be completely eliminated by purchasing this insurance, whether for renewal or for claims.

The insurer reimburses the full cost of the repair if you have personally paid it.

Else if you are paying for the parts replacement without deducting any depreciation costs that would otherwise be deducted from a standard coverage.

This additional optional cover can only be purchased with a comprehensive policy and not on third-party policies.

2. Personal accident coverage:

   With advances in the medical field and the technologies available to treat most physical illnesses and ailments.

The cost of treatment is higher and sometimes more expensive for a middle-class family.

The number of bicycle accidents, which have increased steadily in recent years, has shown that accident prevention, especially for owners of two-wheelers, is essential.

Because the numbers are just scary. The risk is increasing because bike is driven in a certain way on city streets and highways.

This is why insurers cover personal accident insurance, which is useful in emergencies & you may not have to pay medical expenses.

3. Roadside Assistance:

   Never forget that the name “Superbike” means that it never has to be repaired or disassembled.

It is a machine and there will be breakdowns everywhere, whether in town or out of town, or on long weekends.

If you choose this coverage, you can contact the insurance company’s customer service number 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help you if needed.

All you have to do is specify your location. The insurer sends immediate help in an emergency, eg.

As breakdowns, battery problems, empty fuel tank, medical emergencies, etc.

 4. Anti-theft device:

   Considering the cost you have to pay to buy a superbike, the installation of the anti-theft device is non-negotiable.

All bicycles, regardless of their price, must be equipped with an anti-theft system installed in the vehicle, alerting you to theft or theft due to failure.

There are a number of companies offering anti-theft devices. Depending on the requirements of the bicycle, there are variants.

If you choose to purchase this additional coverage, make sure you have purchased a device approved by the Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI), as only this coverage can be purchased.

In addition, the insurance company grants you a certain percentage discount on the premium.

Two Wheeler Insurance Online

5. Daily cash insurance:

   If you are one of those who own the bike and do not take it out of the garage for fear of damage or scratches on the bike, you can opt for this cover.

If you choose to purchase this cover, you may be given a daily allowance.

It is given for the daily commute to work if the vehicle is left in the garage for more than 4 days.

However, if used frequently, this coverage may not be worthy

6. Motor protection cover:

   An engine is the heart of every machine.

At least half of the bicycle costs depend on the development costs of a particular engine.

As a result, minor damage or failure in this part of your bike that is ignored can cost a bomb to get repaired.

It is not easy to get the original engine parts unless you bring them to the dealer.

If the replacement is available, the cost is extremely high to expose it personally.

But if you buy this, you can drive with relief and safety.

Because the two-wheeler insurance offers complete engine protection.

It covers damage to the gearbox, water inlets, hydrostatics, lubricating oil leaks, etc.

7. Cashless installation cover:

   This is an important optional cover that every Superbike owner must choose.

If, in the event of an accident, the policyholder needs emergency assistance from a customer service.

He can contact the insurance company immediately, as indicated in the name himself, and request help is sent to him via his network with the hospitals.

This is the same procedure if your bike needs mechanical assistance.

All you have to do is inform the insurer, and you can get help from any garage network where the vehicle is repaired without you having to spend a penny.

All repairs or medical bills are processed cashlessly via the claim service.

Each insurance company has a network of garages and hospitals across the country in different parts of the country.

They can quickly send assistance to the insured’s premises.

In order to make use of this possibility, the policyholder must always have the details of the policy with him.

Buy a bike/ two wheeler insurance online:

   In the past, motorcycle insurance was used to visit various insurance companies and submit numerous documents, compare offers and repeat the purchase of insurance.

But with online bike insurance, this is a thing of the past.

Insurance companies now offer two-wheeler online insurance with one click, simplifying the entire process online.

This allows customers to research the types of policies, review the features and benefits of each policy, submit their documents, and pay for policies from the comfort of their own homes.

The purchase of a new policy can be done by entering the relevant information, such.

As the vehicle registration number, the contact details of the owner and other required by the insurer information.

The premium to be paid is displayed on the screen, and the customer has the option of choosing the type of policy and any additional coverage, if necessary.

After the selection, the soft copy of insurance will be sent on your mail.

The hard copy will be sent on the address.

Benefits of Buying Two Wheeler Insurance Online:

   Buying a two wheeler insurance policy online has a number of advantages, as shown below:

Convenience: Customers can search for policies anytime, anywhere.

Accessibility: When insurance companies book the entire policy documentation online, customers can view the details of the policy at their discretion and make an informed choice.

Easy to use: online fonts are easy to buy. Insurers explain the buying process in simple, easy to follow steps.

Easy to Buy: Customers can pay online for renewing their policies or policies through online banking, credit or debit cards, which means they are paid instantly.

Secure: The online insurance buying process is secure and provides businesses with a secure payment gateway and encryption to ensure the complete security of all online transactions.

Support: Insurance companies offer online support through customer service. Live chat for customers who have questions about buying or insurance policies.

Two Wheeler Insurance Online

The documents you need when buying a bike / two wheeler insurance online are: 

Your current police document, if renewed or replaced:

  • Your copy of the driver’s license
  • Registration documents with RC copy (Certificate of Registration)
  • Your proof of address
  • A voided check if you want to set up an electronic transfer (EFT) for premium payments

Renewal of two-wheeler insurance online in India:

   With bike insurance, you can cover the costs that could be incurred in the event of damage to or from your bike that you would otherwise have paid out of pocket.

Renew your two-wheeler insurance online and benefit from the following advantages:

  • There is no need to check your bike to renew your policy i.e. no need of inspection
  • Does not require documents – No paper work
  • Never lose your insurance policy. An e-copy of your insurance policy is always in your inbox
  • Get full support at the time of the claims
  • Get easy access to the nearest garage by instantly knowing the cashless garage network of your insurance company

How to renew bicycle insurance online:

Verification of the declared value by the Insured: When entering the information of your vehicle offers from various insurers are displayed. Before renewal, compare the insured declared value(IDV) offered by different insurers.

Evaluate Your Coverage: With the extension, you can also estimate the coverage offered with the other packages available on the market. Browse and choose the right one for you!

Know Your Add-Ons: Select the most appropriate add-ons for your needs and include them in your policy. They can appear as additional costs, but increase the benefits of the policy!

Check All Information: Before paying the premium, you should ensure that all information about the vehicle and the vehicle owner is entered correctly.

National two wheeler insurance company also provides two wheeler insurance.

To renew the expired two-wheeler insurance online:

   Forgetting the renewal date is simply human! In view of this, the extension date can easily be overlooked.

Do not worry. Or trouble. With the support of Policy Planner you can easily extend the expired two-wheel insurance.

If you renew a Policy Planner two-wheeler insurance:

No Inspection: Without inspection or documentation, Policy Planner will help you to renew your two-wheel spout.

No additional or hidden costs: no additional or hidden fees. The renewal of a regular insurance with two wheels costs the same price.

Snapshot: You’ll receive the policy in minutes. Immediately.

Best part: As mentioned earlier, you do not need to provide any information about the previous policy if the documentation has expired for more than 90 days

What should be done when the two-wheeler policy has expired?

   If your two-wheeler insurance has expired because you have exceeded your extension period, you do not have to worry too much.

You just have to follow a few simple Two-wheeler and everything is sorted.

  1. First compare the different plans on third-party websites or on the official websites of insurers.
  2. You can compare multiple quotes with each other.
  3. Then you will need to enter your bicycle registration number and other important information.
  4. You do not have to go through a paper cramping process.
  5. You can get discounts on your rewards.(NO CLAIM BONUS)
  6. Then you can pay online and immediately receive your new policy.

Bike Insurance Transfer:

   You will be asked to transfer ownership of your bike insurance if you sell your bike to another.

It is very important to complete this activity.

You must first inform your insurer and then seek an application form from the company if you do not file a claim.

Two Wheeler Insurance Online

When is the Bike insurance transfer necessary?

   It is absolutely necessary to transfer your bike insurance if you transfer ownership of your bike to another person to avoid future problems.

The process can seem lengthy and unnecessary, especially because you no longer have the bike.

However, it offers some benefits you might never have thought of.

How can you transfer bike insurance?

   You must provide your current insurance number, the name of the insurer, your name, address, mobile number, e-mail address, vehicle model, vehicle brand, etc.

You must request an inspection of the vehicle before delivery.

Ownership:  You must also provide your Registration Certificate (CR), the Pollution Control Certificate (PUC), the Tax Certificate, the completed Form 28 for the transfer of the bicycle possession.

The completed Form 29 Certificate without opposition and completed Form 30, as request for transfer or declaration of the transfer of ownership.

Insurance Policy: You must also inform your Regional Transportation Office (RTO) about your police exchange.

If you have won a bonus with your old bike, it will remain in your contract.

It will not be transferred to the new owner of your old bike.

You can transfer your bonus when you sign up for a new insurance policy.

The new buyer of your old bike must contact your insurer and provide him with his personal information for the plan you have made.

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