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TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance

TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Overview

   TATA Aig Two Wheeler Insurance is an Indian General Insurance Company.

Basically TATA Aig is joint venture between TATA Group and American international group.

We can consider two wheelers as the most comfortable and easy going source of travelling and transportation any busy city in India.

However, the same is not free from risk as per today’s lifestyle where the numbers of vehicles are increasing day by day.

Tata Aig General Insurance Company establishment was done in the January  2016.

The company’s registration number with IRDA is 108.

The Tata Aig General Insurance Company is joint venture collaboration between Indian conglomerate TATA Group and International American Group.

TATA AIG’s History and  Journey as below:

  • 16+ years of consistent service delivery with customer satisfaction
  • Winner of several prestigious awards regularly  
  • High claim settlement records and claims payability
  • Active participation in all General Insurance Spheres
  • USD 0.6 billion AUM (Asset Under Management)
  • Dynamic digital presence
  • Staff support of 2833+ qualified employees
  • 152+  branches all over the country
  • More than 10,326 proper licensed agents
  • More than 345+ proper licensed brokers
  • Products distribution partnerships with leading FIs and Banks

Tata Aig Bike Insurance has specially designed for Two Wheeler Insurance and to protect the same from the risk of accidents, third party damage or loss etc.

The company caters to the requirements of insurance plans both in the Life Insurance plans and in General Insurance plans.

Tata Aig Bike insurance plan offered by the company comes under the category of Motor Insurance plans.

The comprehensive plan which provides the all round protection from any unforeseen incidents from Tata Aig Two-Wheeler Insurance.

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Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance

Tata Aig Company’s History In Detail:

   Tata Aig Two Wheeler insurance offers affordable two wheeler insurance plans that offer to you  easy claim settlement, special add-on covers and a cashless garage network across an India.

With TATA Aig Two Wheeler Insurance policies in place, all you need to worry about is your next destination depends on your bike.

One more thing about Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance the leading insurance companies in India.

It provides comprehensive protection to your two-wheeler for all possible risks.

TATA AIG is one of the popular names in the Indian insurance market and award winner of ‘General Insurer Claims Team of the Year’ 2013 by Claims Awards Asia.

The Tata Aig Bike Insurance offers user-friendly insurance products specially for bike insurance that ensures maximum protection for your valuable bike.  

As per compare with prevailing traffic condition or count of accidents are rising these days.

And the bike is the most convenient way of local travelling, especially in the city can be unsafe as well.

If you Tata Aig Bike Insurance could be a sensible idea.

Tata Aig Bike Insurance provides your vehicle with an maximum protection.

The benefits offered by Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance are no different other insurance company.

But the plans bought online are much cheaper that those bought offline due to some of the reasons mentioned below:
  • Online two wheeler policy buying online is very easy and quick, hassle-free, and very convenient.
  • You can also access the policy document which is saved in your inbox
  • You get timely reminders for renewals fro Tata Aig Two-Wheeler Insurance.
  • With tata aig two-wheeler online insurance costs such as distribution, paperwork, and commission are all saved by the insurance companies. These benefits are further passed on to the customers by reducing the premium costs.
  • If you are choosing online to buy tata aig bike insurance there is minor physical movement. For instance, or if you visit any branch of Tata aig for you two wheeler insurance company to buy a plan, you will have to fill the form physically which further travels to the local zone, post which the policies are underwritten.

Then Tata Aig Bike Insurance  would be a decision taken whether the policy would be approved or denied.

If you buy tata aig bike insurance policy online the rules are applied as you fill the details and most of the times the screening happens then and there.

These savings are further transferred to the customers by offering a lower premium.

TATA AIG Two Wheeler Plans

   Any person who owns a two-wheeler/bike eligible for buying Tata two wheeler insurance policy.

Two wheelers are exposure to accident are more.

Accidents can happen at any time while riding.

Tata Aig Bike Insurance basically to keep a protection against all kind of risks associated with the accident.

Every vehicle’s owner has required a good two wheeler insurance policy which will help and protect oneself not only from the critical accident but also from the third party damage risks as well.

Another side, legally also the same is mandatory.

Tata Aig Bike Insurance provides a monetary shield and an absolute peace of mind to you.

In case of any uncertain incident or unexpected emergency, the two-wheeler insurance plan will also take care of the financial liability that arises due to theft, burglary, house break, natural calamities like lightning, storms etc with third party property damage and death of third party.

Tata aig two wheeler insurance company supports the insured individual in law suits as well.

Several two-wheeler insurance plans are available in
Tata Aig Bike Insurance plans and you can choose one plan which suits as per your requirements.

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Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance

TATA AIG Two Wheeler Cover

Basic features or cover are as below :

  • Third Party Property Damage Cover will allow you to increase the maximum payable amount for third party property damage.
  • Additional Personal Accident Cover to Owner-Driver will let you raise the maximum payable amount for personal accident.
  • Personal Accident Cover To Unnamed people will allow you to raise the maximum payable amount for than accident involving a passenger.
  • Emergency Medical Expenses will reimburse you for medical expenses incurred for bodily injury sustained by  you in relation to the insured two wheeler.
  • Consumable Cover will reimburse the cost of replacing/replenishing engine oil, nuts & bolts etc. arising from an accident.
  • Third party liability cover                

In short Tata aig two wheeler insurance comprehensive policy plans provide you:

  • Own Vehicle Damage Cover
  • Personal Accidental  Cover
  • Pillion Cover
Details are these cover as below:

Third Party Liability Cover:  

In Tata Aig Two Wheeler third party cover or provisions includes as below:

  • Indemnity to the third party death
  •  Third party indemnity for disability
  • Indemnity for third party physical injuries

Reimbursement for third party property damage

Vehicle Damage Cover:

Tata Aig Two-Wheeler Insurance policy  provide in vehicle own damage Cover

  • Accident while driving or mounting by external means
  • Damage due to natural occurrences (earthquake, flood, cyclones)
  • Vehicle theft
  • Vehicle catching fire
  • Damage due to mob activities, riots, terrorist activities
  • Damage during being towed or carried in another vehicle

Personal Accidental Cover: 

Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance policy provides personal accident cover under its bike insurance plan which includes:

  • Cover for owner and named person
  • Unnamed person cover
  • Cover for driver
  • Death and disability cover
  • Physical injury recuperation cover

Pillion Cover:

Tata Two Wheeler Insurance policy cover plan provides you for pillion cover which are includes as below:

  • Named pillion cover
  • Unnamed pillion cover (under third party insurance regulation)
  • Death and disability cover for pillion
  • Bodily injury treatment cover
  • Pillion property damage cover (under third party insurance regulation)

Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance policy plans has distinctive features & benefits which makes it different from the others  two wheeler insurance plans.

Their plans provide you all-round coverage from any uncertain loss or own damage.

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Tata Aig Two Wheeler insurance plans are user-friendly, cost-efficient, and important things are as below:

  • This plan covers the partial or total loss caused to the vehicle due to fire, accident and associated perils.
  • Tata aig two wheeler Insurance policy plan covers the Third Party Liability in terms of body related injury and third party property damage under this plan.
  • For a claim free experience (No Claim Bonus)you can use Special discount.
  • Depreciation for parts which needs replacement will be calculated at a prefixed rate in case of accidents under this plan.
  • There is minimum deduction on the count of the Salvage Value under this plan.
  • Convenience of making payments directly to various authorized garages through Direct Payment Facility as well. But this is available in few selected locations only
  • Fast and convenience free claim settlement process.
  • Tata aig two wheeler insurance plan you can be applied online as well.
  • Customer support is always available (24×7) at the service resolving the queries
  • Tata Aig Bike Insurance online renewal of plans can be done also from the official website under this plan.
Depreciation for fixing the IDV (Insured Declared Value):
Age of the Vehicle% of depreciation for fixing IDV
Not exceeding 6 months5%
Between 6 months and 1 year15%
Between 1 year and 2 years20%
Between 2 years and 3 years30%
Between 3 years and 4 years40%
Between 4 years and 5 years50%

TATA AIG Two Wheeler Add on Plans:

Now Add On Covers are available in Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance policy:

  • Depreciation Reimbursement: Under this plan Tata Aig will pay the depreciation value of the replaced parts for the first 2 own damage claims and provided the same is shown in Section 1 of the plan.
  • Return To Invoice: Under this plan, the amount paid in case of total loss/ theft is equal to the difference between claim received and the car’s actual purchase price as mentioned in the invoice or current market price whichever is less including first time registration charge and road tax.

However, certain exclusions are there under this plan which is as follows:

  • They do not cover total loss and theft claim under section 1 of this plan.
  • If the vehicle is stolen, the same is recovered within 90 days of theft unless the Final Investigation Report is submitted.
  • Anything which not build in electrical and non-electrical accessories including bi-fuel kit which forms the part of the invoice but is not insured under section 1 of the plan.
  • Covered vehicle s imported.
  • In case of theft claim, the Final Investigation Report is not issued by the Police Authorities and is to be submitted to Tata Aig.
  • Basically, this plan also driving without a valid license or under the influence of drugs or alcohol or beyond the contracted geographical boundaries or even for commercial usage or as a part of terrorism / or illegal movements.

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Two Wheeler Third Party Insurance

   Most buyers are not aware before purchasing a two-wheeler of the fact that after purchasing a bike or two-wheeler it is compulsory for them to get their two-wheeler insured for third party liability as per to the Motor Vehicle Act.

This regulation has been made in order to safeguard the interests of an individual who may happen to get accidentally injured by a vehicle which does not belong to that individual.

In such cases the injured individual needs to be compensated by the vehicle owner by whose vehicle the physical injury or third party property damage was caused as per the rules & regulations of the motor vehicle act and up to limits as prescribed under the Act.

In the past, several such cases have come up where the third party has suffered due to reluctance to be compensated by vehicle owner for physical injury or property damage caused to the third party by the owner’s vehicle.

After third party insurance was made compulsory for vehicle owners, such claims have been successfully resolved by compensating the affected third party through a Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance policy.

Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance
Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance

Exclusions under TATA AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Plans:

     Tata Aig two wheeler insurance policy does not covered persons under the following situations:

  • Invalid or no driving license
  • Driving without heed to standard guidelines or recklessly driving
  • Driving under the effect of intoxicating  or alcohol substances
  • Without any proper justification undertaking undue risk
  • Finally, injury or any types of damage due to war/ nuclear weapons
  • Involvement in illegal activities or movements
  • Area of incidence outside geographical coverage
Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance

Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance Renewals Online

For enjoy the benefits, it is very important that one should Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance renew the insurance plans in time, so that insured vehicle continues to be under the coverage of the insurance plans

There is online option are available for renewal.

After entering the policy number along with the two wheeler registration number and the Client Identification Number.

Few personal details and registered email and phone number needs to be provided under this plan.

After the payment digitally signed copy of the insurance plan will be sent to the registered email id of the requisite amount and the same can be downloaded as well.

Therefore, it also reminders the data to be send by Tata Aig to renew the two-wheeler insurance plans.  

Their two-wheeler an option called “Set a Policy reminder” in the website under Motor Insurance.

Finally, certain detail needs to fill up which are to and then submit button has to be clicked :

Like Name, Policy No, Mobile No., Email Id, Telephone No, Product Name, Month etc.

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Simple Steps or Renew Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Online:

Online portal available for the customer and you can be done this online easily, below are the basic steps:

  • Log on to the official website of Tata AIG Insurance.
  • Navigate to Motor Insurance (Under Personal tab).
  • Select the two-wheeler insurance policy which needs to be insured and click on the Renew Online tab.
  • Provide details about previous or existing policy an including the policy number.
  • Provide personal information. This could be the client ID, the name of an insured individual, engine number, chassis number, or vehicle registration number.
  • Provide personal details (mobile number, email id).
  • Mention the source of income.
  • In other instance, once submitted one will have to check the premium amount and pay it to renew the policy.

Buying procedure of Tata AIG Two wheeler Insurance Policy

Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance policy can be purchased by Online mode and Offline mode.

Online steps for Buying Process:

  • Visit the Policy Planner official website www.policyplanner.com.
  • Click on Two Wheeler Insurance and Select Two Wheeler Policy.
  • Calculate Premium with the help of Tata AIG Premium Calculator and Buy Online.
Offline steps for Buying Process:

The customer has to buy the insurance policy from the licensed agent.

Tata AIG Car Proposal Forms are required for Buying a policy offline.

Tata Aig Insurance Forms & documents that you need for buying a new policy:

  • Visit the nearest Tata AIG General Insurance branch to Purchase Two Wheeler Insurance policy.
  • Insured may download the Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Forms and Documents from the official website.
  • Insured has to select the premium amount.
  • The Selected Premium has to pay the premium in terms.
  • Along with Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance Forms, you have to attach relevant documents.

Customer Care no of  Tata AIG General Insurance: For any type of enquiries and concerns related questions regarding two-wheeler insurance policy you may call on 1800-266-7780 (toll free number).

The on-call customer service where you can get your queries addressed can be availed 24×7.

Two wheeler insurance provides huge benefits if taken online.

Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance

Customer Care Email ID Tata AIG Two Wheeler Insurance:

To get information on e-mail id you may send across an email at customersupport@tata-aig.com.

Hence, you may also share your feedback or file your complaints via email.

Customer Care service is also available at your nearest Branch. 

Visit The Nearest Tata AIG General Insurance Branch Office.

You can visit the nearest branch office of Tata AIG General Insurance and avail guidance from the customer care team regarding the purchase of a new insurance policy or any other issues around the same.

Below mentioned are the addresses and phone numbers of some of the branch offices in important Indian cities.

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Tata Aig Two Wheeler Insurance


Q: What is the IDV ( Insured Declared Value) ?

Ans: The IDV (Insured Declared Value) is the sum assured which is provided in the event of loss of the vehicle.

Further it represents the value of the vehicle as per current market conditions or Market value.

Q: Will Customer have to pay an additional amount if he required add-ons cover?

Ans: Obtusely, add-ons can be purchased by paying an additional amount, over and above the basic premium sum.

It is the pure chargeable cover.

Q: What is covered under third-party liability insurance policies?

Ans: In Third party liability insurance policies below coverage are available:

  • Death of a third party
  • Bodily injuries suffered by a third party
  • Damages caused to a third  party’s assets, vehicle, or property
  • Accidental death or disability of the policyholder

Q: How does the No Claim Bonus help to policyholders?

Ans: The No Claim Bonus (NCB) is offered by Tata Two Wheeler Insurance company to the customer who doesn’t raise claims during the policy term in order to reward the concerned individual’s safe driving or good riding.

The No Claim Bonus (NCB) can help to the customer avail a reduced premium rate during the next year.

Therefore, further customer can also accrue the No Claim Bonus (NCB).

Given how helpful it can be in reducing your premium payable for the following or next year, it is advisable to ride safe and not raise claims.

No Claim Bonus (NCB)  increases every year as per the following table:

All Types of Vehicles% of Discount on OD* premium
No claims have been made or are pending at the end of the year or at the time of policy renewal20%
No claims have been made or are pending at the end of the year or at the time of policy renewal25%
No claims have been made or are pending at the end of the year or at the time of policy renewal35%
No claims have been made or are pending at the end of the year or at the time of policy renewal45%
No claims have been made or are pending at the end of the year or at the time of policy renewal50%

Q: Do two-wheeler insurance policies cover theft of the vehicle?

Ans: Yes, comprehensive two  wheeler insurance policies do cover theft of the vehicle.

If your vehicle is stolen, you will be eligible to receive the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your two-wheeler, at the most, after completing the specified formalities.

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