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SBI General Insurance

SBI General Insurance Overview

SBI General insurance company limited a joint venture between facility financial organization of the Republic of India.

This Insurance Australia cluster (IAG), commenced its operations at intervals the year 2010.

SBI General Insurance follows a strong multi-distribution model encompassing Bancassurance, Retail Direct Channels, and Agency Broking.

It jointly enjoys the foremost vital banking franchise within the Republic of India.

SBI is taken into account India’s largest & premier financial organization in terms of record, profits, assets, deposits, branches, and staff.

It reaches in nearly 21,000 SBI General Insurance branch of facility institution cluster.

SBI General Insurance online is amongst the world’s largest banks.

It has presently started exploring different new business with tie-ups typically Insurance, personal equity, mobile banking, pension funds etc.

The corporate is diode by Bhaskar Jyoti Sarma World Health Organization is that the chief military officer and the chief of SBI General Insurance

SBI General insurance company is also a venture between the financial organization of the country and Insurance Australia cluster (IAG).

Bhaskar Jyoti Sarma is that the chief military officer of SBI GI Company.

During this SBI holds 74 of the capital and IAG the remaining 26th.

SBI General Insurance Company Limited is presently serving three key consumer segments.

Retail section (catering to Individual & Families), company section (catering middle to large size Companies) and SME section.


SBI General Insurance is committed to providing high-quality general insurance merchandise in a country.

With a vision to emerge owing to the foremost trustworthy protection provider.

SBI General nondepository institution restricted commenced its operations among the year 2010.

Will be a venture between deposit financial organization of land and Insurance Australia cluster (IAG).

SBI General Insurance Company limited offers an outsized style of the general insurance product in retail.

Business house at cheap costs to create insurance accessible to all or any or any or any of us and businesses.

SBI General Insurance Company Limited offers a complete suite of product starting from motor, health, personal accident & travel.

The residential Insurance among the retail house and a product like Aviation, Fire, Marine, Package, Construction.

Engineering and insurance among the business house.

SBI General Insurance follows a strong multi-distribution model encompassing Bancassurance, Agency, Broking and Retail Direct Channels.

Today, SBI General’s Distribution family includes over twenty-one,000 IRDA certified workers aboard the deposit financial organization cluster workers.

And over 8,000 SBI general insurance agent to create insurance just out there even among the remote areas of the country.

SBI General Insurance company limited has established its presence in over 23000 branches of deposit financial organization cluster and over 5500 Regional Rural Banks (RRBs).

SBI General Insurance company limited current geographical exposure covers 110+ cities pan land with the presence of another 350+ locations through satellite resources.

General Insurance of SBI is presently serving 3 key shopper segments i.e.

Retail section (catering to Individual & Families), company section (catering middle to large size companies) and SME section.

SBI general insurance share price is Gross written premium collected grew by 52 % to Rs one,011 crores within the half-moon.

SBI General Insurance

Why SBI General?

SBI General’s current geographical coverage extends to 56 cities pan Asian country.

And the presence in another 350+ locations through satellite resources.

SBI General Insurance follows a durable multi-distribution model encompassing Bancassurance, Agency, Broking & Retail Direct Channels.

Today, Our Distribution family includes over eleven, 000 IRDA certified SBI & its Associate Bank employees and over four, 800 agents.

We cowl Motor, Health, Travel, Personal Accident & Home Insurance for individuals.

And Aviation, Fire, Marine, Package, Construction & Engineering, Liability, cluster Health, cluster Personal Accident & Miscellaneous Insurance for Businesses.

Our dedicated and hard claims team aim to deliver.

You a differentiated consumer service of a fast, fair, convenient and clear claim.

It’s a methodology for the management and settlement of your claim.

SBI General Car Insurance

State Bank of Bharat and Insurance Australia cluster (IAG) collectively own SBI General nondepository financial institution restricted.

SBI is that the largest banking franchise in Bharat with over 19600 branches.

Across the country, together with its five Associate Banks.

It holds the bulk of the capital at seventy-four and IAG holds the remaining twenty-sixth.

It extends its services to over seventy-seven cities pan Bharat and encompasses personnel of 2250 staff.

The bank has forayed into new businesses with studied tie-ups in Pension Funds, protective services, General Insurance, personal Equity, etc.

SBI General encompasses a distribution family that has over fourteen.

178 IRDA approved SBI and its associate bank staff and over 6323 agents.

The company follows a powerful multi-distribution model covering Bank Insurance Models, Agency, Broking and Retail Direct Channels.

SBI General Insurance has policies encompassing Motor, Health, Personal Accident, Travel and residential insurance for people, Fire, Marine, Package, Construction.

And engineering liability, cluster Health, cluster Personal Accident and Miscellaneous Insurance for Businesses.

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SBI General Insurance

Key Benefits of SBI General Insurance Car

Cashless Claim Networks

Cashless claim service over 1500+ licensed network of garages across Bharat.


Discount on the premium is out there if you choose for a Voluntary Excess additionally to the obligatory Excess.

Accidental cowl /Customer Support

Occupants of vehicles may also be lined for private Accident.

For the most Capital add Insured of Rs. a pair of large integer per person.

SBI General Insurance Car Plans

SBI offers five variants of the Motor Insurance plans.

They are Motor non-public automobile insurance, Motor 2 Wheeler Insurance, future 2 Wheeler insurance underneath Individual insurance.

And Tractor & Farm Vehicles Insurance, industrial Motor Insurance underneath Business Insurance schemes.

The plans offer add-on edges like:

Legal liability protection for paid driver and worker.

  • Bi-fuel kit
  • Zero depreciation
  • NCB Protection
  • Return to invoice
  • Cover for key replacement
  • Loss of private belongings
  • Additional protect seat rider/passenger
  • For a little premium, SBI Motor Insurance offers you an in-depth vary of cover.
  • And ensures the protection of you and your vehicle.

SBI General Car Insurance Renewal

One can buy and renew the plans online by simply filling sure details.

By visiting the official web site.

Plans for Individuals.

Purchase / Renew online choice, these may be done.

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SBI General Insurance
SBI General Insurance

Two Wheeler Insurance From SBI

While buying a two-wheeler is great, your job does not end with the purchase.

You must also ensure that this asset is protected against all risks including loss or damages.

It offers an excellent and hassle-free claim settlement process.

Hence, SBI provides comprehensive two-wheeler insurance plans for vehicle owners.

So that they don’t have to worry about a thing.

The company offers plans that offer third-party coverage.

Quick settlement and lucrative discounts for customers aged between 25 to 55 years.

This makes the company a reliable provider in the two-wheeler insurance space.

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SBI General Insurance

Key Benefits – SBI Two Wheeler Insurance

  • Third Party Cover: Offers third-party insurance cowl just in case of death or bodily injury of a third-party.
  • And property harm to the third-party up to Rs. 11,00,000 and private accident protect the owner-driver.
  • Quick Claim Settlement: Offers hassle-free claim settlement with efficiency.
  • Basic cowl + Personal accident protect passengers: Offers a basic 2 wheeler insurance cover beside personal accident protect a quantity of Rs. 1100000 for the co-passenger.
  • Customer Service: SBI 2 Wheeler Insurance has a superb team of client service that gives sensible and hassle-free pre-sales yet as post-sales services.
  • Claim Settlement: This Company features a terribly clean record for claim settlement.
  • Discounts: This Company offers discounts on premiums for purchasers WHO square measure aged between twenty-five and fifty-five years.
  • Additionally offers further dancehall
  • Transfer of NCB: SBI 2 Wheeler Insurance offers transfer of NCB just.
  • In case you would like to port your policy with another insurance underwriter.
  • Affordability: SBI 2 Wheeler Insurance offers cheap rates with custom-made plans
  • Long-term policy: This Company offers future 2 wheeler policy for two or three years at a reduced rate.
  • Trouble-free Inspection: Offers easy, hassle-free and unflurried police investigation by the review team.

SBI Two Wheeler Insurance Coverage

  • Two-wheeler sum of SBI.
  • SBI two-wheeler contract is often customized for your bike to urge insurance.
  • It is vital to know the coverage before truly choosing a 2 wheeler contract.
  • it’s essential to hide your bike sufficiently to guard it against larceny, injury or accident.

Own Damage

  • This policy covers any injury or loss to your 2 wheeler because of any of the following things:
  • Fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning.
  • Burglary, breaking and entering or theft.
  • Riot and Strike.
  • Malicious Act.
  • Terrorist Act.
  • Earthquake (Fire and Shock) injury.
  • Flood, Typhoon, Hurricane, Storm, Tempest, Inundation, Cyclone and storm.
  • Accidental external suggests that.
  • Whilst in transit by road, interior waterway, lift, elevator or air.
  • By landslide/Rockslide

Third Party Or Liability

This policy is necessary by the car Act 1988 for all the vehicles plying on the Indian roads.

It offers the below coverage:

  • Covers bodily injury and /or death of a 3rd party
  • Property injury to 3rd party up to Rs.1 lakh
  • Personal Accident protect owner-driver

Personal accident protect driver

SBI two-wheeler insurance pays to add insured of Rs.1 large integer.

To the driver of the insured vehicle just in case of permanent total incapacity.

To the beneficiary in case of accidental death.

  • An accident will leave you impaired to earn your likewise as your family’s earning. to boot, rising prices of medicines will cheat your entire hard-earned savings.
  • In such traumatic and unforeseen things, having private accident insurance would act as an associate financial gain replacement.
  • Type of Injury Compensation Level just in case of private accident protect driver
  • Death – 100%
  • Loss of 2 limbs or sight of 2 eyes or one limb and sight of 1 eye – 100%.
  • Loss of 1 limb or sight of 1 eye – five hundredth.
  • Permanent total disability from injuries aside from named higher than – 100%.
SBI General Insurance

Add-on Features – SBI Two Wheeler Insurance

SBI two wheeler insurance offers amazingly unique add-on covers that offers an extra touch of protection at a minimal rate.

These add-ons enhance your basic insurance policy by paying an additional premium.

Pillion Rider

The SBI Two Wheeler Insurance Company offers a maximum sum insured of Rs.1 lakh.

Under which the pillion also gets covered by paying an extra premium

Increment on the Personal Accident Cover

The SBI Insurance Company offers an add-on where you can increase the amount of the personal accident.

It covers from Rs.1 lakh to any amount by paying a minimal extra premium.

Discounts offered – SBI Two-wheeler Insurance

No Claim Bonus

You are eligible for associate NCB discount on your own-damage premium for each claim-free year.

It starts with 2 hundredths for the primary year and may go as high as five hundredths over 5 consecutive claim-free years.

The most effective half is you’ll be able to retain this discount.

Though you would like to sell this bike and buy a replacement one.

Voluntary discounts

A deductible is nothing however associate quantity that you just ought to pay throughout associate accident or mishap.

This deductible plays a significant role in deciding your two-wheeler payment.

Higher the deductible lower would be your two-wheeler payment.

If you recognize you’re a secure and accountable driver, pick the next voluntary deductible.

this may facilitate in obtaining rock bottom 2 wheeler insurance.

Here, a voluntary deductible of twenty-fifth on the Own harm premium to a most of Rs.750

Membership of AAI

If your bike could be a member of any of the recognized Automobile Associations of Bharat.

Then will fetch you an additional discount.

Installation of security devices

You are eligible for a further discount up to two.5% on your own-damage premium.

Tenure Discount

This Company offers a tenure discount of fifty on the Own injury Premium.

If you decide on a 2-year policy and eight if you decide on a 3-year policy

Specialized Discount

The SBI 2 Wheeler policy offers a specialized discount for specially changed vehicles for the blind.

And mentally challenged and disabled of fifty of the own-damage premium

Exclusions – SBI Two-wheeler Insurance

  • Wear and tear, breakdowns
  • Consequential loss
  • Lose once driving with associate degree invalid driving license or underneath the influence of alcohol.
  • Loss because of war, civil war, etc.
  • Claims arising out of written agreement liability.
  • Use of auto otherwise than in accordance with `limitations on use

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SBI General Insurance

Claim Method – SBI Two-Wheeler Insurance

Step-by-step Claim process:

  • In case of associate degree accident or associate degree unfortunate event or loss.
  • Do follow the below bit-by-bit, simple and hassle-free claim process:
  • Immediately contact SBI Two-wheeler underwriter post an occurrence.
  • Inform concerning the date, time and place of the incident.
  • You may check the list of the offices on the Company’s web site World Wide Web.sbigeneral.in
  • Keep the two-wheeler at the accident spot/site just in case of associate degree accident which can embody fire/ riots etc.
  • until the time the surveyors visit the accident spot to survey your vehicle.
  • In case of any third-party injuries or death.
  • make sure that you inform your nearest police headquarters concerning the incident associate degreed file an FIR.
  • Inform the name of the hospital and also the doctor’s name.
  • If you’re obtaining the third-party treated in an exceeding hospital.
  • Post finishing the on top of formalities you will either move or tow your two-wheeler to any of the network garages close.
  • Get the quotation from the network garage and submit identical to the corporate at the side of the finished form.
  • You may additionally visit any of the closest offices of SBI 2 Wheeler Insurance for a final survey of your vehicle.
  • Submit the survey or copy and FIR.
  • Ensure that the repair work to start solely post final surveyor verifies the harm caused.
  • The only post approving identical, you will plow ahead with the repair works.
  • Submit the money bills for spare components, labor charges etc.
  • And then get the compensation done if the claim is admissible.

SBI General Car Insurance

State Bank of Bharat and Insurance Australia cluster (IAG) collectively own SBI General nondepository financial institution restricted.

SBI is that the largest banking franchise in Bharat with over 19600 branches.

Across the country, together with its five Associate Banks.

It holds the bulk of the capital at seventy-four and IAG holds the remaining twenty-sixth.

It extends its services to over seventy-seven cities pan Bharat and encompasses personnel of 2250 staff.

The bank has forayed into new businesses with studied tie-ups in Pension Funds, protective services, General Insurance, personal Equity, etc.

SBI General encompasses a distribution family that has over fourteen.

178 IRDA approved SBI and its associate bank staff and over 6323 agents.

The company follows a powerful multi-distribution model covering Bank Insurance Models, Agency, Broking and Retail Direct Channels.

And residential insurance for people, Fire, Marine, Package, Construction.

And engineering liability, cluster Health, cluster Personal Accident and Miscellaneous Insurance for Businesses.

Life is one nice equalization act.

As you set to induce the simplest out of life.

You are doing encounter life’s very little roadblocks like accidents and thefts.

The simplest thanks to handling them are to simply move ahead and revel in the journey instead of getting delayed.

With SBI General’s non-public car Package Policy.

You are au fait regardless of what the limited roadblocks that life throws at you.

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SBI General Insurance

Key Features

  • This Policy is meant to hide the required Third Party Liability pro re nata by cars Act, along with loss or injury to the Vehicle itself. The Policy additionally provides cowl for:
  • Personal Accident
  • For an extra Premium, provides the following
  • Additional Legal Liabilities towards Paid Driver and worker
  • Bi-fuel Kit
  • Nil Depreciation
  • NCB Protection
  • Return to Invoice
  • Cover for Key Replacement
  • Loss of non-public Belongings


Any loss/damage to the vehicle and/or its accessories won’t be lined if caused by the following:

  • Depreciation or any eventful loss
  • Mechanical/ electrical breakdown
  • A vehicle being employed otherwise than in accordance with limitations on use
  • Damage to/by someone driving the vehicle while not a sound license
  • Damage to/by someone driving the vehicle below the influence of medication or liquor
  • Loss/injury because of war, mutiny or nuclear risk

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Travel Insurance (Business & Holiday)

If you travel alone, with parents or business associates.

You would actually need your trip abroad to be as per your arrange.

Despite all that careful coming up with, there could also be unforeseen events on the far side your management.

This may take your peace of mind and place you fully out of management.

SBI General’s Travel Insurance (Business and Holiday) provides comprehensive protect you and your family after you area unit globetrotting.

It covers you against medical and alternative money emergencies throughout your trip abroad and facilitates restore your peace and beau fact of things.

Travel in peace anyplace within the world with SBI General’s Travel insurance.

SBI General Insurance

Key Features

Medical cover to USD zero 5 million.

No medical exam.

Comprehensive coverage.

Worldwide protection clock help.

Fair, clear cashless claim settlement.


Our Travel Insurance is one among the foremost comprehensive policies within the business.

It covers expenses incurred for medical treatment of sickness, a disease shrunken or injury sustained throughout a far off trip.

Which is primarily within the nature of associate degree emergency and necessary to be undertaken instantly beside alternatively connected coverages.

Medication Expenses together with Evacuation and return

Personal Accident.

Travel Support

Golfer’s Hole-In-One

Loss of Passport

Home Burglary Insurance

Loss of Checked Baggage

Trip Cancellation

Delay of Checked Baggage

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SBI General Insurance

Home Insurance

Long Term Home Insurance

  • Protect it with SBI General’s future Home contract. You pay your time period in dreaming a few homes of your own.
  • You take the assistance of economic establishments to fulfill your dream.
  • Along with the pleasure of fulfilling your dream come back the liability.
  • Therefore the responsibility of paying for a similar over the following few years.
  • At SBI General, we have a tendency to build things simple for you to guard your dream home.
  • With SBI General’s future Home contract, you’ll be able to really relish the house you have got simply non-heritable

Key Features

  • You can obtain the Policy up to an amount of 30 years
  • In-built coverage for earthquake

Simple Home Insurance

Home is the sweetest place on the earth which is truly priceless and the most valued possession.

Considering various uncertainties of life it is important that we secure our home from natural calamities, accidents, and unforeseen circumstances.

SBI General Insurance provides you with our unique policy “Simple Home Insurance Policy”.A comprehensive product that protects the home structure.

And also included damage or destruction of personal baggage accompanying the Insured and/or his Family.

Key Features

  • This is a package Policy covering the main Contingencies that helps provides protection.
  • Peace of mind against varied risks during a convenient package while not the necessity to require many policies.
  • A choice to choose the mix of covers that almost all suits the customer’s desires
  • Sum Insured is often arrived on Reinstatement worth, value or in agreement worth basis (applicable for studios and Apartments)
  • Policy term up to three years
  • A cover on the 1st loss for contents underneath section fireplace & Special Perils, felony and stealing, Breakdown of domestic electrical.
  • And electronic appliances and every one risk cover- transportable equipment and jewelry & Valuables.
  • Tenants will ensure the contents.
  • Tenure Discount offered (2 years and three years).
  • Annual coverage for a terrorist act (Rates and Terms as per terrorist act pool).
  • Add on Covers offered under attack and Special Perils.

Individual Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Life has the endowment of springing unpleasant surprises like accidents and likely ugly one’s life and inflicting cash hardship.

With SBI General you will be in control and safeguard your family against these uncertainties.

You can fight the challenges life throws at you and secure your family’s future.

With SBI General’s Individual Personal Accident contract.

This Policy is supposed to cover Loss of Life, Disabilities associated gain owing to Associate in Nursing Accident.

Key Features

  • Policy for self-used, salaried and business class people.
  • Add-on Covers out there additionally as Hospital Confinement Allowance and car charges.
  • Permanent Total incapacity (PTD) profit comes with add-ons like Education profit & Adaptation Allowance at no any worth.
  • Cumulative Bonus out there.
  • The policy covers – Loss of life owing to Associate in Nursing accident.
  • Disabilities owing to Associate in Nursing accident and gain-loss owing to an accident.

Health Insurance

Health insurance plans make sure you against medical emergencies and keep your finances stable throughout creating an effort time.

Keeping in mind the high medical costs, buying honest insurance started is wise.

SBI General insurance Policy – Retail

SBI General essential ill health Insurance Policy

General Hospital Daily Money Insurance Policy of SBI

SBI General group insurance Policy – for Individual and Family

General Arogya Premier Policy of SBI

SBI General Arogya and Policy

General Arogya high Up Policy of SBI

SBI General Loan Insurance Policy

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SBI General Insurance

SBI General Corporate Insurance

The corporate insurance products from SBI General Insurance facilitate businesses.

Commercial institutions to hide against any risks related to or arising from their business.

Health Insurance:

  • Group Personal Accident Insurance
  • Group insurance


  • Sheet glass Insurance
  • Cash Insurance
  • Burglary Insurance

Construction / Engineering Insurance

  • Important Loss (Machinery Breakdown)
  • Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance
  • Machinery Breakdown Insurance
  • Contractors Plant and Machinery
  • Erection All Risks Insurance
  • Contractors All Risks Insurance
  • Equipment Insurance

Package Insurance

  • Business Package Insurance
  • Industrial All Risks Insurance

Marine Insurance

  • Marine product Insurance

Motor Insurance

  • Tractor and alternative Farm Vehicles Insurance
  • Business Motor Insurance

Fire Insurance

  • Important Loss (Fire) Insurance
  • Normal fire and Perils Insurance

SBI General Rural Insurance:

The rural insurance portfolio from SBI General helps farmers, traders, workers.

Other rural business owners to make sure against any risks to their support.

  • Sheep and Goat policy
  • Cows policy
  • Small policy
  • Agriculture Pump Set policy

It is best to check all SBI General insurance plans.

With setups from different general insurance corporations in India to settle on the simplest insurance plan that suits you the foremost.

Life Insurance

SBI Life – eShield

Life is extremely unsure and these days quote ever.

Being the breadwinners in our homes we wish the most effective for our families.

Everyone needs their family to be secure and financially equipped in their absence.

The SBI Life eShield Term set up is a personal, non-participating, non-linked pure term set up.

The set up is offered at a reasonable price to own monetary protection for your family.

Even beneath unforeseen circumstances and supply you with advantages specially tailored for you.

With one click you’ll be able to get tough while not the tedious work and wasting some time.

Anyone with the ages of eighteen – sixty-five years is eligible to prefer this setup.

And might make a choice from one in every of four set up choices.

SBI General Insurance

SBI Life – Smart Shield

SBI Life – Sensible defend may be terribly ancient insurance set up.

That provides you a one-stop answer to satisfy all of your insurance wants.

This is often a non – collaborating pure term set up.

The set up is ready-made to suit people with the most effective money protection at a really reasonable value.

With this setup, you’ll be able to facilitate defend your family in your absence.

The eligibility for the SBI Life – sensible defend is that the individual.

Applying for the policy must be between the age of eighteen to sixty years.

The maturity age of seventy years.

The policy should be taken for a minimum of five years and most of thirty years.

Premiums may be paid in two completely different payment strategies.

Regular – whereby the premium is paid till the top of the policy.

Single – whereby the payment is paid fully for coverage until the top of the policy term chosen.

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SBI Life – Saral Shield

SBI Life Saral protects may be an ancient non-participating long run insurance arrange.

That’s out there at a reasonable price to a private trying to shop for this arrangement.

This arrange helps you give a security internet for you and your family.

And guaranteeing that they’re going to not ought to compromise on their dreams and ambitions.

SBI Life – Grameen Bima

Life is unsure for individuals of all strata of society, and that’s SBI Life features a set up for everybody.

SBI Life Grameen Bima could be an attempt to give security.

Life cover to those sections of society that don’t seem to be as developed as those within the town.

This set up easy, hassle-free, affordable, and a non-participating term set up for all times insurance.

This helps the family gain monetary stability Associate in Nursing security just in case of unfortunate death of the earner.

The entry age for this term set up is eighteen years and the most age of 50 years.

SBI Life – Saral Swadhan

The SBI Life Saral Swadhan and may be a non-linked non-participating term assurance.

And after arrange with coming back of premium choice.

This is reasonable insurance arrange with fastened death advantages furthermore as maturity advantages.

Offered by SBI Life, one amongst the biggest life insurers within the country.

The Saral Swadhan theme is geared toward the regular life insurance company watching life cover and maturity advantages.

SBI Life Smart Swadhan Plus Plan

State Bank of India, one in every of the most important banks within the country has collaborated with

BNP Paribas Assurance to make the venture – SBI life assurance Company.

Among the various insurance merchandise that SBI Life offers, the good Swadhan.

And is a beautiful set up because it additionally offers premium refunds, alongside maturity add assured.

it’s a personal, non-participating, non-linked term assurance commit to secure the family’s money future.

Just in case of the life insured’s associate degree untimely death.

This arranges not only meets the insurance desires of a client.

However additionally comes with the additional advantage of providing maturity add assured.

Refunds of basic premiums paid, until the policy’s maturity.

SBI General Insurance Motor claim intimation:

  • Contact our SBI General Insurance toll-free no 1800 22 1111 or SMS “CLAIM” to 561612.
  • SBI general insurance email id- client.care@sbigeneral.in and find your claim range/reference variety.
  • You can additionally intimate your claim by providing your details here then click on submit.

SBI General Insurance Claim form

  • Policyholder detail
  • Product details
  • Loss details
  • Details of previous losses.
  • Details of other information.
  • Declaration.

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SBI General Insurance
SBI General Insurance


What is the policy of SBI General Insurance renewal method for the car?

You can also visit our web site to renew your policy.

Step 1: SBI general insurance login along with your policy details on the e-Portal

2nd Step: Choose the policy and payment mode (internet Banking, Debit/Credit Card)

Step 3: Print/save cyber receipt of your payment

Alternatively, pay via cheque/debit at the closest branch to renew your policy.

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