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National Insurance Company Overview:

           National Insurance company is founded in  6th June, 1906 and nationalised in 1972. It’s headquarter in  Kolkata and West Bengal. It’s range of product more than 200 policies. It’s 2000 offices are available.

National Insurance is the only public sector general insurance sector company.

National insurance company is the first insurance company which introduce customize products for both rural and commercial sector. It is the being lead in the South and East zone, the amount of National Insurance premium registered Rs. 11282.64core in the fiscal year in the 2015.

National Insurance is holds biggest market share in the motor insurance market in the midst all insurance companies in India. There are the 1998 offices all over the country.

National Insurance company is the second non life insurance company in India on the basis gross direct written premium GDWP.

It is the largest section of India’s insurance market. The process of National Insurance is not limited within Indi’s as they are working in Nepal also.

National Insurance has major milestones to its credit. It is also the pioneer of Strategic Alliances in India. It is tied up with M/S Maruti, the largest automobiles manufacture in India and M/s.

Hero Moto Corp, is one of the very fastest growing Two Wheeler company in the country.

These partnership led to a basic change technique of Service Delivery for motor insurance.

National insurance company is also merged with the banking organization of the country to become the founding-father of bank insurance in India.

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National Insurance Company Product Portfolio:

Health Insurance :

Motor Insurance :

  • Car Insurance
  • Two wheeler insurance

National Insurance Mediclaim:

      The National Parivar Mediclaim Plus Policy provides the family including self,spouse, children and parents/parents-in-laws under one floater sum insured.

It is unique product which offers coverage as high as Rs. 50 Lakh, with many innovative featural The Policy can be renewed life-long.

This policy is  health insurance policy for individuals and the entire family. The mediclaim plan cover medical expenses incurred by a person due to any disease, illness or injury.

This company is one of the leading public sector non-life insurance companies in india.

Feature of the National Insurance Mediclaim:

  • Provides coverage of dependent parent also.
  • This policy can be renewed up to the age of 80 years.

National Insurance Health Policy:

         National Insurance health policy is offered to the  hospitalization expenses.In which are include : body injury during the policy period and ambulance expenses per insured person.

National Insurance health policy is covers patient hospitalization, day care treatment , and medical expenses.

Features of the national insurance health policy:

  • This policy available to person between  age of 18 and 65 years.
  • National insurance health policy is the renewed lifelong .
  • Some insurance range between 50,000 and 5 lakhs.
  • Dependent children between the age of the 3 months and 18 year can be covered provided at least .

National Insurance Health Plans:

  • National Mediclaim Policy.
  • Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies.
  • National Parivar Mediclaim .
  • National Parivar Mediclaim Plus.
  • Overseas Mediclaim Business and Holiday.
  • Mediclaim Plus Policy.
  • Parivar Mediclaim.

National Health Insurance Scheme:

    Government of India are introduced and implemented various health schemes and programs.National Health Insurance Scheme which can helpful for the children, women senior citizens and many other.

Rashtiy Swasthiya Bima Yojana (RSBY):

Rashtriya Swasthya Bima Yojana is the released by Ministry of labour and employment .Beneficiaries under RSBY get hospitalization cover of the Rs 30000.

Central Government Health scheme(CGHS):

Central Government Health Scheme is started in  New Delhi in 1954. This scheme is provide to the comprehensive health care facilities for the central Government  for employees and pensioners and its dependents .

The medical facilities are provided through wellness medicines.

Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana(AABY)

Aam Aadmi Bima yojana was started on 2nd October 2007. The scheme replaced Social Security Group Insurance and Rural Group Life Insurance Scheme. In this scheme 45 occupational group have been covered.

In this scheme included person which age  between 18 to 59 years.In this premium of Rs 200/- per person per annum.

Janashree Bima Yojana(JBY)

Janashree Bima Yojana(JBY) was launThe ched between 10th August 2000. The scheme replaced Social Security Group Insurance and Rural Group Life Insurance Scheme.

In this scheme 45 occupational group have been covered. In this scheme included person which age  between 18 to 59 years.

Universal Health Insurance scheme(UHIS)

Universal Health Insurance scheme(UHIS) is the improving poor families. Like hospitalization, death and accident and medical expenses.

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National Insurance Mediclaim Renewal:

       To renew your National Insurance Mediclaim policy, you require to provide your existing policy number along with certain details, such as your name, current age, gender, and updated contact details.

This is online , it goes smooth and you get the renewal notification right away.

      National Insurance company is a public-sector-based insurance provider, which offers both individuals and family floater insurance policy.

These policies offer comprehensive coverage and you can lodge a claim as long as our mediclaim policy is in force.

In this policy to ensure that you and your family members are covered for future contingencies, do consider National insurance mediclaim renewal a prime necessity of yours.

National Insurance Mediclaim Renewal Online:

In order to your national insurance mediclaim policy online, log onto National Insurance Mediclaim policy website and click on the Renew option that appears in below section of the Health insurance dropdown menu.This will open the new page in the new tab.

You need to enter policy details to process your National Insurance Mediclaim renewal.

  1. Firstly on the login portal, enter your policy number and Date of Birth to continue.
  1. Choose a payment mode out of internet Banking or Debit /Credit Card.

You can download/print the premium payment receipt. After,You can renew your national insurance mediclaim policy.

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National Insurance Online Policy:

National Insurance is the purchasing and renewal digital policy. National Insurance policy is very faster, it is doing Speedly claim statement .

It is the saving customer valuable time. It not time consuming policy.

National Insurance is the one of the most popular online policy in the india. It is the very easy  and hassle free statement.

In this procedure going on the official website page .

thankful for the website its provided necessary information to the customer.

Motor Insurance


  • Instant claim assistant and SMS update.
  • 24 hours service and claim support.
  • Quick and easy online purchase.
  • Hassle-free claim settlement.  

National Insurance Motor Insurance are also included in the:

  • Car Insurance
  • Two wheeler insurance -long term
  • Liability only-motor insurance
  • Two wheeler insurance

National Insurance Two Wheeler:

National Insurance company is one of the largest and oldest general insurance company which provides tailor made and comprehensive insurance plan.

It is also provide like motor insurance plan, Two wheeler insurance plan.

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Why Two Wheeler Insurance Plan are necessary?

Each and Every two wheeler owner should have insurance plan which gives the coverage of the third party injury, death and property damage.

Hence National Insurance provide a comprehensive two wheeler insurance plans which protects the vehicle from any untoward incidents.

Two Wheeler vehicles are always treated as important asset our life.

But again driving a two wheeler driving is dangerous and risky and one has to be careful always.

But accident might any point of time due to someone else not following the traffic rules .

And that is why one should avail auto insurance plan to protect oneself and cover from unexpected expenses.

Hence to avail two wheeler insurance plan is of utmost important because :

  • Protecting one’s two wheeler vehicle , one of the important asset and investment.
  • In this insurance plans allow the payment of medical bills in case of accident .
  • In case accident related lawsuit in insurance company will take care if there is a two wheeler plan aviled.
  • The plan are very well designed and they are tailor made to take care of the requirement .
  • Last but not in least one has the peace of mind when he goes out with his two wheeler.

National Insurance Two Wheeler Policy Renewal:

          Two wheeler insurance policy is provided coverage against damage to the your vehicle, body injury and death.

Policyholder having two choice between a comprehensive and third party insurance policy.

The third party insurance is coverage of damage of the vehicle and comprehensive insurance policy is the coverage of the injuries or medical expenses.

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Two wheeler insurance in the bikes, motorcycles, and scooter are available.

It is provided protection to the vehicle damage and body injury. It is very useful to the every two wheeler vehicle driver.

Two wheeler vehicle owners recruit to buying two wheeler insurance policy for the following causes :

  • The thirty party two wheeler insurance policy comes with the third party liability cover like damage the vehicle.
  • Comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy is the coverage for the medical expenses, body injury.
  • The one of the most companies are produced two wheeler cause of two wheeler buying capacity is every customer.
  • It is competitive market and you can easily buying two wheeler you get large discount and benefits.
  • According to the IRDA reports some best insurance providers : Bajaj Allianz, HDFC, Reliance, Bharti AXA.

Two Wheeler Renewal National Insurance:

           The national bike insurance policy renewal will hardly take a few minutes when you do    it online.It is very useful to the your national bike insurance online before your existing policy expires. You will cause the protection and safe the motorcycle. The renewal process are the under follows:

Connect to the official online portal of National Insurance Company for instant National Insurance two wheeler policy renew.

Selected to the ‘Motorcycle Insurance’ under Motor Insurance tab and click on the renew option.

After enter your policy number and click on ‘Renew Policy’.

Another step is the,you will be diverted to the premium payment page. Pay the payment digitally for the successful .

National Two wheeler policy is available in short and long term coverage option.

Below you have made the payment online, you will receive a confirmation mail in your registered mail id.  

National Insurance Car Insurance:

       Car insurance is  most useful document for any car owner in india. If you want to drive frankly on the road of India.

Car insurance is coverage to your car in case of theft, damage . Motor insurance is the under the Motor Vehicle Insurance Act.

        Car insurance is 100% protect to the our car. Private Car Insurance Policy covers vehicles used social, domestic and for professional purpose.

The National Car Insurance policy purchasing is very easy from company’s online portal Using credit, debit , internet banking anytime without wasting your important timeThis insurance policy is the avided hassle and instant renewal procedure.

Car insurance is the basically legal contract it is signed in two parties. It is provided to the needful coverage to the insured and theft, accident , fire, strike etc.Car insurance is the provided to the financial cover.

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Benefits of the National Insurance Car Insurance:

Car insurance is the easy to accessible, It is saving time of the customer.

This insurance policy purchasing is to easier and thanks to the website, it is provided necessary information and you can anytime going to websites and getting plans information for yourself.

It is hassle free and non time consuming statement .It’s little time completed procedure, it have less documentation process and don’t having stand in insurance office.

Car insurance is the affordable cost premium are provided and it is the paperless document policy.

It is provided to instant premium calculations and approval.

National insurance online renewal procedure:

Firstly you log into official portal of national insurance policy .

Choose the your insurance policy and plan which you want to renew.

Enter your unique national insurance policy number .

After enter the details for asked for you.

Make your payment through online transaction.

Customer will receive confirmation documents . Thereafter your policy renewal.

successful insurance.

National Insurance Online Payment:

      Now customer of National Insurance Company need not visit to company office for pay premium. Because he has started National Insurance Online Payment Service.

By using this service customer can pay their premium through online process any time any where.

National Insurance Online Payment service is used for all types of policies like:- Motor Insurance, Health Insurance, Rural Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Home Insurance.  

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National Insurance Claim Form:

You can make claim on policy issued by national insurance company. For that just you need to fill details in national insurance claim form.

National Insurance Claim Procedure helps to you know cashless facility.

National Insurance Claim Procedure is gives information how to this process.

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