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National Car Insurance

National Car Insurance Overview

Government owns National Insurance Company Limited (NIC) and mostly prefers general insurance company in India.

It has its headquarter in Kolkata.  

This company has a wide reach throughout in India.

Features of National Insurance Car Insurance:

  • One can get third-party insurance for car national insurance liability cover up to a maximum of 7.5 lakhs.
  • This policy covers vehicles used for the social, domestic and professional purpose.
  • National Car Insurance provides direct cashless claim settlement over 3200+ network garages across India.
  • Policyholders of the company can get discounts on premium in addition to No Claim Bonus.
  • NIC  offers a discount for approved anti-theft devices installed in the car.
  • It offers Concession for specially designed or modified vehicle for blind, handicapped and mentally challenged persons.

National Insurance Company Plans & Benefits:

There are two types of popular plans available:

  1. Liability only cover plan from National Car Insurance
  2. Comprehensive cover plan from National Car Insurance

Liability Only Cover From National Car Insurance

  We also call it as National Insurance third party car insurance.

  • This National vehicle insurance plan provides protection against any legal liability arising from an accident involving a motor car. But this plan does not cover own damages (Damage to policy owner’s car).
National Car Insurance

Key Benefits:

  • It provides coverage for third-party insurance upon injury or death and property damage to the third party up to the maximum of Rs. 7.5 Lakhs.
  • It fulfils Legal Compliances, as car insurance is mandatory as per Motor Insurance Act, 1988.

Package or Comprehensive Cover From National Car Insurance

  • Private car Package policy from National Motor Insurance is the Comprehensive Cover since it provides both third-party coverage and coverage for own-damage or loss and co-passenger or self. One can avail ample benefits under this scheme.
National Car Insurance

National Car Insurance package policy Benefits:

  • Own Damage cover: National car insurance policy provides protection for the insured vehicle against damages caused by natural disasters such as fire, explosion, self-ignition or lightning, flood, earthquake, typhoon, storm, tempest, hurricane, inundation, cyclone, hailstorm, frost, landslide etc. Along with this damages or losses like accidents, theft, riot, burglary, strike, terrorist activity, malicious act, and damage in Road transit, rail, inland waterway, lift, elevator or air covered by this National Car insurance plan.
  • Personal Accident Cover: National Insurance Company provides personal accident coverage in the event of an unfortunate accident while person driving the four-wheeler. This benefit extends the co-passengers and provides a lump sum amount to the driver or co-passenger.
  • Additional Benefit: This is available against buying add-on covers.
  • A) Zero Depreciation: With this add-on cover, one can get the total value for damages for his four-wheeler regardless of depreciation.
  • B)No Claims Bonus: While renewing the car insurance policy from National car insurance online, Company offers a discount on premium.

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National Car Insurance

Exclusions for National Car Insurance comprehensive policy:

National motor insurance policies provide a wide range of coverage to meet customers requirements during an emergency, but the following are some exclusions.

  • In the event of consequential loss, mechanical or electrical breakdown, wear and tear, failures or breakages. The coverage will be not provided.
  • National Car insurance policy does not cover against  tyres damage.
  • Insurance company does nor cover accidental loss or damage which occurs under the influence of alcohol.
  • We do not cover failure of parts in motor vehicle.

Additional Riders offered by National Car Insurance

Roadside Assistance Cover in National Car Insurance Plan:

The facility to take care of insured vehicle in an unfortunate event of vehicle meeting with an accident or breakdown is the Roadside Assistance cover.

Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • Service for Flat Tyre, Flat Battery etc.
  • Jump Start Service,
  • Repair on the spot,
  • Fuel Support (Emergency fuel delivery will be provided),
  • Emergency towing assistance will also be provided
  • Spare Key Retrieval/Service for key locked inside,
  • Continuation/Return Journey (Taxi Support) is provided.
National Car Insurance

Special Conditions for National Car Insurance Roadside assistance :

The person should not use vehicle which he/she insure for racing, rallying, motor-sports, or in any illegal instances.

RTI option from National car Insurance:

Return to Invoice is a special rider in which the gap between the insured declared value and the invoice value of the car.

 It’s an option that will fetch the entire amount of loss (the on-road price paid for the car) that one incurred from losing it!

RTI costs around 10% more than a normal comprehensive policy.

Insurance company only claims if the car is under specific age.

As per the cover, National Insurance company will pay to the policyholder in case car gets stolen or completely damaged, policyholder gets the reimbursement of insured car’s invoice price, including registration charges and road tax.

Everyone must get their car insurance.

Special Conditions for National Car Insurance RTI option:

  • Endorsing bank or firm whose interest on the policy must agree in writing.
  • Police provide special “ No Trace Report” for the theft. Submit these needs and confirm the theft of the insured vehicle in case of a theft claim.

Zero Depreciation Car Insurance National Insurance Rider

Comprehensive car insurance does not provide wear and tear of a vehicle.

That’s why in the event of a claim, the damage he/she incurs the vehicle will not be fully compensated by the company.

Comprehensive policy does not cover consequential damage.

Consequential damage may be engine damage due to hydrostatic loss.

  • Usually, when the policyholder raises a claim, the company will apply the depreciation to the damages sustained by the vehicle and will decide on the final amount of the claim.
  • Here, the difference between the market cost of the new part and the depreciate value (paid by the insurer) will be borne for the policyholder.  If this amount is high, then this will can be of a greater percentage of the total claim
  • To avoid this and to get the depreciation too, he/she must take the Zero Depreciation Cover.
  • The best way in which one can gain immunity from depreciation is by opting for a bumper-to-bumper add-on cover. We call the same plan as Bumper to Bumper cover.

National Car Insurance Zero depreciation policy offers coverage for all metal, rubber, and fibre parts of the car.  

No deductions will make pertaining depreciation at the time of a claim.

As this is Add-on rider, the policyholder would pay an additional premium to avail the coverage under this rider.

Exclusions Under Zero Depreciation Cover:

Following are the Limitations of Zero depreciation rider as offered under the plan in the following scenarios:

  • More than 3 years old cars.
  • Engine damage caused following oil leakage or water ingress ion.
  • Damage to tyres, bearings, clutch plates, etc.
  • Private vehicles for commercial uses did not cover in this plan.
  • If the claim did not raise within the specified time.
  • If the Driver is under the influence of alcohol or any other intoxicants.
  • The driver is having no valid license.
  • If the driving is Illegal or malicious.

Additionally, there will be restrictions on the number of claims that will be covered under this rider.

It should also be noted that there is a compulsory deductible component to a claim.

If a person chooses bumper-to-bumper plan, the policyholder will have to bear the expenses corresponding to this deductible.

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National car insurance renewal Process

The process is very easy and simple.

With Car insurance renewal, the policyholder can keep the continuation of his car insurance policy.

It is essential to do National Car Insurance online renewal before the expiry.

By applying some simple steps, the policy can get renewed.

One can renew  National car insurance online policies at the company’s official website.

National Insurance Online renewal for car

  • First, select on ‘Motor Insurance’ tab and then click on ‘renew’ tab to initiate  National car insurance renewal process.
  • Next step is to enter policy details and click on ‘Renew Policy’ for instant National car insurance online renewal.
  • Thereafter, the premium payment page will appear. Pay the premium digitally for the successful completion of  National Insurance car renewal.
  • After successful online payment for online car renewal national insurance, the company will send an authentication mail to registered mail id.
  • The final step of National car insurance renewal is to save or print the receipt of premium deposit for future use.
National Car Insurance

Points to check for National Car Insurance Renewal

Timely renewal:

We should renew Car Insurance policy before the expiry of the current insurance term.

If policyholder forgets to renew insurance policy on the stipulated date, he should contact the insurance company at the earliest and fix an appointment for the car he/she surveys.

After satisfactory survey completion, he may proceed to renew the car insurance policy.

If the car insurance policy has just expired, the policyholder can renew it without having to pay for any penalties.

We advise that one should not drive the car until he gets the insurance renewal and have the necessary documents in hand.

Mandatory documents

We ensure that all the previous policy documents and claim papers are ready with.

National Car insurance needs these documents to understand claims’ history and assign the No-claim Bonus (NCB) on the renewed policy.

We ensure that car’s vital documents such as manufacturer’s name, car model and brand details, car’s registration zone/city, RTO’s address, first registration date, etc. should be available on demand.

Only buy necessary features

We advise that policyholder should go for only specific features relevant to him and eliminate expensive plans with extensive features that may not even be relevant.

National Car Insurance Claim Process

After the loss has occurred, one should contact the police and file an FIR.

It is essential as per law  to produce an FIR at the time of a claim for the following events:

  • Fire
  • Burglary
  • Theft
  • Damage to third-party
  • Accident

There is no compulsion to file a claim when the loss has occurred due to natural calamities, such as earthquakes, floods, inundation, etc.

  • We should provide intimation to National insurance company of the loss immediately. This is important as it helps for claim settlement.
  • The person should collect claim form from the company and should fill it up accurately.
  • The next step is to submit the National Car Insurance claim form at the office of the insurance company, along with compulsory documents.

National Car Insurance Cashless Claim Process:

Use of following steps can claim cashless, there are a few steps one need to follow so as to avoid confusions and delays in claim settlement:

  • As soon as the involvement of vehicle in an accident takes place, we should report to National Car Insurance Company. Also inform about the accident to the police and  FIR we should register if there are serious injuries or death following the accident.
  • Towing of vehicle in National Car Insurance Company to a network garage where a thorough inspection will be done. In this event, one should not attempt to move the vehicle without the consent of the company.
  • The concerned in the network garage will provide an estimate for the repair work, and this will be reviewed by the National Car Insurance Company. The company will provide approval for the work to commence.
  • The network garage then repairs the car and submits the relevant bills to the insurance company. The company will examine the bills and other documents submitted.
  • After the verification of the bill is done, the claim payout process will be initiated.
  • The policyholder will pay for the minimum amount of deductibles and depreciation.
  • National Car Insurance company will pay the remaining amount directly to the network garage.
  • If the car gets damaged beyond repair, it is considered to be a total loss situation. The company will then make a payment to the customer.
  • The amount paid is equal to the market value of the car after accounting for depreciation.

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Maruti Car Insurance Renewal online national insurance

Now Customers of Maruti Car company can renew their car insurance online with the help of National Insurance Company’s Portal.

This additional facility is provided for Valid and registered users of National Insurance Portal.

National Car Insurance company Contact Details

National Insurance Company Limited provides customer care services on toll-free no 1800 200 7710.

Customer can dial this number to get clarifications for any queries or for resolution of issues.

One can also fill up an online form at the website of the insurer and get a customer service representative to call him back. Alternatively, the chat process is also available.

The customer can initiate a chat with the customer service department through the facility available on the website.

For knowing the nearest branch office address, the list of all branches is available on the company website.

HDFC Ergo Car Insurance also provides car insurance.

National Insurance Company Head Office Address:

3 Middleton Street

Kolkata: 700071

West Bengal, India.

National Insurance Company Phone Number : (33) 22831705 22831706

Website: www.nationalinsuranceindia.com

Toll-Free No. for National Insurance Company is 1800 200 7710

National Car Insurance

FAQs for National Car Insurance

Q. 1 What are the features of the cashless claim for  National Car Insurance?

National Car Insurance offers cashless claims to its customers.

The policyholder can get his vehicle repaired at network garages associated with the company through the tie-up.

He/she will not be required to pay for the repair work; instead, the company will bear the expenses on his/her behalf.

The following steps are involved in cashless motor policy from National insurance for the car:

Step 1:  An individual  purchases a car insurance policy from the  company

Step 2:  If the insured vehicle meets with an accident, the policyholder can get it repaired at a network garage.

3rd step: After the repairs get completed, the insurance company pays concerned garage directly.

Step 4: The policyholder will only need to pay for the depreciation of replaced parts and the deductibles. This amount will be minimal as compared to the total cost.

Q.2 What is the extent of damages covered for a self-driven vehicle under the Comprehensive coverage car insurance plan?

Under  National insurance Car policy comprehensive coverage plan, damages to own car caused by the following are covered.

  • The loss occurred due to Fire(external means), Explosion, Lightning & Self Ignition
  • Natural perils such as Floods, Earthquakes, Storms, Landslides and Rockslides
  • Theft, Housebreaking & Burglary
  • Riots, Strikes, Terrorism & other malicious acts
  • Transport through Road, Rail, Air, Inland Waterway, Lift

Q.3 When “No Claim Bonus” is provided?

NCB: (No Claim Bonus) is a monetary benefit passed to the insured for not making any claims during the previous policy period.

It is a concession or reward given by the insurer to the insured during the time of policy renewal for “zero “claims during the antecedent policy term.

No Claim Bonus from National Car Insurance starts at a minimum of 20% and can go up to 50% of the policy premium renewal value.

Q.4 Is it mandatory to get an insurance cover for all the four wheelers?

As per the Motor Vehicles Act, all vehicles in the country are insured with at least a minimum insurance cover, i.e., the third-party liability insurance.

Since it is the law, the owner is expected to abide by it. Customer may approach National Insurance Company Limited to buy a liability-only policy for a vehicle that provides adequate coverage for the needs at a nominal cost.

Q. 5 What are the uses of Car insurance calculator National insurance?

The National car insurance premium calculator tool is a very useful proposition as it helps in determining the amount one will have to set aside towards the premium on an annual basis.

This is key in coming up with a realistic budget for annual expenses.

If Policyholder is using the National insurance premium calculator for car tool, he can also compare motor insurance plans between providers.

This is useful in identifying the most cost-effective plan for his needs.

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Q.6 Does National Insurance Company offer car insurance for used cars?

Yes, National Insurance Company offers car insurance for all private cars that have IDV less than Rs.25 Lakh.

The policyholder can get further details on this by contacting the insurer.

Q.7 What are the steps for National Insurance car insurance renewal?

The process of National Insurance Renewal online is absolutely use friendly.

The following steps to follow:

  • Log into the official portal of the National Insurance Company (NIC).
  • Select the National Insurance policy/plan which policyholder want to renew.
  • Unique National Insurance Policy number is required and thereafter some additional details to be provided.
  • Payment has to be done through an online transaction.
  • After successful payment, the policyholder will receive online documented confirmation.
  • The mail for successful national insurance car insurance renewal online will be sent.

Q.8 What is the process of claim settlement?

National Insurance company may employ a surveyor to assess the damages incurred after customer demands claim for the damage.

It may also refer the case to a panel of doctors if needed.

  1. The settlement is done by the policy issuing office. The policyholder receives the payment as a lump sum amount.
  2. Sometimes, provisional payment is offered by the insurance company to the policyholder. Applicability is where the final processing of the claim is still pending.

Q.9 How to download National Insurance car Policy?

The policy can be downloaded from National Insurance Company’s Website.

The following details to be provided

  1. Current policy Number
  2. Email Id

After submitting the above information one can download the policy copy from National Insurance Company.

Q.10 Is it possible to renew the car insurance policy with another  Insurance company?

The policyholder can renew a lapsed car insurance policy with a different insurance company, it can be done online.

Q.11 Why the Car Insurance Premium have increased recently?

IRDAI has made it mandatory for companies to bundle a minimum three-year third-party insurance plan with the purchase of a new car.

The policy period will not change on request of the buyers or will of the dealerships selling a particular product.

However, customers can choose any insurance plan that follows the minimum cover period and offer even additional protection to the vehicle or the owner.

In the end, the policyholder pays more premium against the one-year policy.

That’s why the insurance premium has increased recently.

Q.12 Why National Car Insurance Zero Depreciation cover is so popular?

This Zero Depreciation cover is the most popular add-on plan for car insurance.

The rider is also available under National Car Insurance policy.

Q. 13 What are the features of cashless claim for  National Car Insurance ?

National Insurance for car offers cashless claims to its customers.

The policyholder can get his vehicle repaired at network garages associated with the company through the tie-up.

He/she will not be required to pay for the repair work; instead, the company will bear the expenses on his/her behalf.

The following steps are involved in cashless motor policy from National car Insurance?

Step 1:  An individual  purchases a National Insurance car insurance policy from the  company

Step 2:  If the insured vehicle meets with an accident, the policyholder can get it repaired at a network garage.

3rd step: After the repairs get completed, the insurance company pays concerned garage directly.

Step 4: The policyholder will only need to pay for the depreciation of replaced parts and the deductibles.

This amount will be minimal as compared to the total cost.

National Car Insurance

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