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HDFC Ergo General Insurance

HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance:


  • Avail of our cashless claim service over 3400+ authorized network of garages across India
  • Buy and renew the policy online
  • Get Personal Accident to protect Owner and Driver
  • Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal Online


  • Avail of a spread of discounts and membership to the auto Association
  • Wide coverage of this policy includes liability to 3rd parties and private driver accident cover
  • Protect loss or injury to the vehicle because of terrorist act, riots, strikes, malicious acts

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HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Policy In Detail?

Secure your prized vehicles with the Two-Wheeler policy. you’ll be able to avail of a number of discounts and cashless claims.

Here area unit a number of the options of the policy:

  • Cashless Claim Service:

Cashless Claim Service over 1600+ authorized network of garages across India

  • Online convenience:

Take most advantage of buying and renewing the policy online

  • Get Personal Accident to protect Owner-Driver:

Get necessary Personal Accident to protect driver for associate degree amount of Rs. one lac covering Accidental Death and Permanent Total incapacity.

HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Brochure

Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Online:

HDFCR Ergo two wheeler insurance

Riding a two-wheeler could be a fun-filled activity; it’s simply you and your beloved bike WHO rides across the mushy terrains for cherishing long experiences.

Be it an incautious cruiser ride through off roads or everyday scooter ride to office through engorged roads, your two-wheeler is so an incredible way to travel all over.

though riding a two-wheeler is an exciting expertise, it’s conjointly vulnerable to road accidents.

Similarly, external factors like natural calamities and damages because the third party might cause severe hazards to your life and two-wheeler too.

To procure exorbitant repair costs and wear down accidental damages, you’ll have to shed a hefty amount.

With the rising inflation in India, the costs of spare elements and labor charges have seen an incredible hike.

Even a minor repair or substitution a spare may additionally cost you a fortune.

To avoid such a scenario and enjoy the whole peace whereas riding your two-wheeler, it’s better to prefer a comprehensive two wheeler insurance cover.

For a hassle-free bike riding expertise and security against unforeseen incidents, two Wheeler Insurance cover is necessary.

As per the motorcars Act in india, it’s compulsory to prefer third party insurance for your vehicle. However, it’s invariably counseled to prefer
a comprehensive two-wheeler insurance for securing your bike entirely against accidents, damages, theft, total injury, and personal accident.

How to Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Online Steps:

Steps To Buy Online hdfc ergo two wheeler insurance :

  • Check our HDFC bike insurance plans
  • Choose your best-suited plan
  • Buy now & ensure your two-wheeler


  • 24*7 Support

Policy Planner offers around the clock support for convenience and a hassle-free expertise. you’ll call us on 1800 1200 771 or write an e-mail to info@policyplanner.com

  • Zero Documentation

You need not go through extended procedures for buying online 2 wheeler insurance

  • Trusted by Millions

With over 75 lakhs happy customers, HDFC ERGO may be a recognized brand for taking care of your insurance desires. The complete has been appointed ‘iAAA rating by ICRA indicating its highest claim paying ability.

  • Fair and clear claim settlement policies

HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance claims area unit settled with utmost transparency

Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal:

Renewing bike insurance online is straightforward and hassle-free. per annum, it’s necessary to renew your bike policy for enjoying continuous advantages.

This helps keep the concerns aside and ensures peaceful riding expertise.

rather like we tend to buy insurance policies online, equally, you’ll simply go for 2 wheeler insurance online renewals by following easy steps.

How To Renew Bike Insurance?

F or hdfc ergo two wheeler insurance renewal you wish to follow the below steps:

  • Enter your policy details
  • Look for add-on covers to boost your coverage for securing your two-wheeler
  • Fill the main points to generate renewal premium
  • Make the payment and renewal for your 2 wheeler policy is done

Online renewals are problem free, convenient and time-saving! If you’re speculative a way to renew expired bike insurance online? Your two wheeler insurance renewal online once end are often done simply by following the same steps.

HDFC Ergo Two-wheeler Insurance

Renew HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Process.

Renewing your bike insurance online is each, easy and convenient.

you’ll be able to simply head to your insurance provider’s website and follow the steps mentioned below two-wheeler insurance online renewal. Some useful tips here include:

  • Click on the renewal option.
  • As shortly as you click on the renewal option, you’ll be asked to enter the following details: Policy number and policy details, your contact details and vehicle details.
  • Once you’re done getting into these details click next/continue, then you’d be directed to the premium amount that you would like to pay.
  • You can check the ultimate premium amount when availing the NCB% (Note: One is entitled to urge the NCB% if he has not claimed compensation within the previous year.)
  • You can pay for the insurance policy by clicking on pay.
  • You will receive the soft copy of your policy on your mentioned email ID as shortly as you complete the dealing.

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Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Long-Term Comprehensive Insurance Online:

Two Wheeler Insurance HDFC ERGO is giving an excellent saver on scooter insurance that discounts up to five hundredths.

Hurry!! Grab this chance currently, as HDFC ERGO Scooter insurance starts at simply Rs. 949* (T&C apply) for one year cover.

create the foremost out of this offer and select HDFC ERGO as your scooter insurance partner for enjoying a worry-free ride.
Two Wheeler Insurance HDFC ERGO Policies provides you the liberty to ride your two-wheeler with complete peace of mind.

choosing long-term two wheeler insurance assures savings against the annual third-party premium hike.

In addition, the No claim bonus discount feature in 2 and 3 years policies rewards you for each claim-free year.

A comprehensive two wheeler policy offers total protection against possible threats of accidental damage and third party liability.

not like third party liability only, a comprehensive 2 wheeler policy for long-term could be a friend for your bike or scooter.

Why Select HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Long-term Insurance Policy?

  • NCB discount remains protected for multiple years no matter claims taken within the policy tenure
  • More savings with the increase in annual increase in TP premium in subsequent years
  • Savings within the variety of discount for the long-term policy
  • The option of buying three years long-term insurance in an exceedingly single transaction
  • A wide range of IDV (Insured Declared Value) to choose from


  • Long-term protection in a very single policy
  • Purchasing a long-term policy provides you an opening from the effort of annual renewals
  • Save on annual third-party premium increase by buying a long-term policy
  • The third party premium could increase as per regulative tips per annum, by buying a long-term policy, the Third Party element of your premium gets mounted at the present rate leading to effective saving overall throughout subsequent years.
  • Benefit and Protection of NCB discount
  • Irrespective of the claims taken throughout policy tenure, No Claim Bonus discount remains protected throughout entire policy tenure.
  • You are rewarded with a reduction on the policy amount once you purchase a long-term 2 wheeler policy

What Gets Covered Under Two-Wheeler Comprehensive Insurance?

Own damage cover

This cover ensures any loss arising because of damage or thieving of the insured vehicle. the foremost eventualities are as mentioned below:

  • Loss or damage because of thieving of the insured vehicle
  • HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance
  • Loss or damage of the insured vehicle just in case of an accident
  • Loss or damage of the insured vehicle because of natural disaster
Third Party Cover
HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance

This cover ensures any loss arising because of damage or thieving of the insured vehicle. the foremost eventualities are as mentioned below:

  • Ensures any loss arising because of injury or death of a 3rd Party caused within the case of accident of the insured vehicle.
  • Ensures the damage to property of a 3rd party just in case of an accident involving the insured vehicle
  • Includes personal accident protect the owner or driver for an accident caused involving the insured vehicle. The owner or driver is insured for Rs. 1 lac to cover for accidental death or total incapacity eventualities

Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Third-Party Insurance Online:

Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Third party insurance online only could be a mandate under the motorized vehicles Act, 1988.

A multi-year policy covers legal liability for injury, death, owner-driver personal accident protect seat passenger, and/or property injury caused to a third party within the event of an accident.

Safety comes first! we actually conform to the very fact, that with the growing number of vehicles, there area unit high possibilities of accidents and mishaps happening on the road.

Despite following all the protection norms, the slightest piece of negligence might lead to an accident.

Such a road accident might occasionally lead to loss of life or severe injury.

Thanks to development in medical science, there’s a considerable rise in hospitalization expenses.

In addition, the repair prices for the damaged vehicle might burn a hole into your pocket.

To satisfy such unforeseen expenses and guarantee a planned financial regime, it’s useful to choose HDFC ERGO Multi-Year Third Party Liability only two Wheeler policy.

The best advantage of obtaining a multiyear third party liability cover is you get coverage for up to three years as per your demand.

Additionally, the 2-year multi-year policy conjointly provides you a prospect from annual renewals.

By opting sure this policy, you’ll secure yourself against the revision of Third Party rates once a year, leading to important savings in subsequent years.

  • Instant Policy issuing
  • Long-term protection
  • No additional annual renewals
  • Paperless transaction
  • Various online payment through multiple secure payment modes
  • More savings with a rise in annual increase in TP premium in subsequent  years

What Gets Covered Beneath Multi-Year Two Wheeler Insurance Third Party Liability?

Liability to Third Parties

Under this policy, your liabilities towards third parties for injuries, permanent total incapacity, death and property damage arising because of an accident involving your vehicle gets covered.

Personal Accident Cover

HDFC Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Liability only Insurance provides compulsory Personal Accident cover of Rs. 1 lac on two-wheelers just in case of an accident, death and private total incapacity to the owner-driver.

Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Form

Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Claim Form  Required steps and supporting documents:

  1. a) Just in case of Accident
  • Now contact HDFC Ergo on their toll-free number 1800-2-700-700-
  • Hdfc ergo two wheeler insurance policy download
  • Lodge a claim with a duly signed claim form
  • Copy of driving license, RC book,  Policy document
  • FIR, if needed (Kindly note, contact details of individuals and vehicle number involved in the accident)
  • Original Repair Estimate Bill
  • In case of cashless service, only Invoice receipt
  • In case of compensation offer estimate bill, original invoice, and payment receipt
  • Form thirty-five & original noc from financer just in case of total loss wherever payment is formed to insured
  1. b) In Case of theft
  • Immediately contact HDFC Ergo on their free number 1800-2-700-700-
  • Lodge the claim with the duly signed form
  • Original keys with Copy of driving license, RC book, Policy document
  • Police FIR copy
  • Duly signed form twenty six, 28, 29, thirty and form 35.
  • Final Verification with “No Trace Report” of the insured vehicle from the police
  1. c) In case of Third Party Claims
  • Hdfc ergo two wheeler insurance policy download
  • Immediately contact HDFC Ergo on their free number 1800-2-700-700
  • Lodge the claim with duly signed form
  • Police FIR copy
  • Copy of licence, Policy and vehicle’s RC book

Step-wise guide to claim:

  • The first things to form a claim is to invoke HDFC Ergo General Insurance free Helpline number – 1800-2700-700
  • Hdfc ergo two wheeler insurance policy copy download
  • Take appointment with the surveyor and take your vehicle to any of HDFC Ergo General Insurance licensed network garages for repair, for cashless service. Submit the desired documents to the surveyor
  • Company confirms liability
  • If potential, take cashless garage facility, the company can settle the repair bills directly with the garage up to the amount payable
  • But just in case you are doing not take a cashless facility, you have got to buy the repair charges so submit the bills with a form to the surveyor/company for settlement
  • Vehicle Delivery
hdfcr ergo two wheeler insurance

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Key Advantages of HDFC Ergo Two-Wheeler Insurance

  • Cashless Garage Network – 3400+ Cashless garage across in India
  • Special Add-on covers – Zero Depreciation, No Claim Bonus Protection in Hdfc

Discounts Offered by HDFC Ergo two-Wheeler Insurance

HDFC Ergo General Insurance offers several attractive discounts that the customer will avail.

No-Claim Bonus:

hdfc ergo two wheeler insurance
hdfc ergo two wheeler insurance
                   HDFC Ergo two wheeler insurance

The no-claim bonus may be a discount offered on consecutive year’s premium. If you create no claims throughout the year, you’re benefited with the huge discount on the next year’s premium.

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If for the primary year you created no claims you’re offered with a 200th discount on the second year premium then on. It keeps on increasing. the following table can give the main points.

No Of Year’sDiscount
No Claim free year20%
Two consecutive Claim free year25%
Three consecutive Claim free year35%
Four consecutive Claim free year45%
Five consecutive Claim free year50%

Other Discounts: HDFC Ergo General Insurance offers alternative discounts provided you’re a member of any recognized Automobile Association of India.

Additional discounts for long-term policy: HDFC Ergo offers an additional discount on a purchase of multi-year (long-term) 2 wheeler insurance. additionally, to that, you get the next percentage of discount on NCB as compared to one year client.

Moreover, you save money on a third-party policy that keeps hiking once a year by 15-20%.

Review of HDFC Ergo Two-Wheeler Insurance

Hdfc Ergo two wheeler insurance review as HDFC ERGO is backed by quality service with fast solutions.

With helpful add-ons on offers, the 2 wheeler insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage to shield your vehicle just in case of an accident.

With an in-depth network of cashless garages, prompt and seamless client service, that claims to possess ninety-four claim settlement ratio for 2 wheeler, you must contemplate HDFC ERGO for your 2 wheeler insurance.

Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Customer Care Number

If you would like to inquire a few products or have queries or issues to raise can call on 1800 2700 400 and a client care govt will guide you with the offered solutions.

If you would like to file a motor claim or have problems with an equivalent, you will call on 1800 2 700 700 (Toll-free number accessible in India only).

Hdfc Ergo Branch Office Addresses

You may visit the nearest HDFC ERGO branch office and meet a client care government to achieve info concerning the offered products and to get your queries resolved.

Here area unit the addresses of a number of the HDFC ERGO branch offices in important Indian cities:

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Customer Service Correspondence Address: HDFC ERGO General insurance comp Ltd. Sixth Floor Leela Business park Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (East) Mumbai – 400 059

Registered Office Address: HDFC ERGO General insurance company ltd. 1st Floor, 165-166, Backbay Reclamation, H.T. Parekh Marg, Churchgate, Mumbai 400 020

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