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HDFC Ergo Health  Insurance

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Overview:

   Now day’s people are facing various health issues and various types are disease and they can hit to customers financial instability.

That’s why it is necessary to buy a health insurance. It can help against unexpected expenses. In HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Health insurance designed as per medical treatment needs.

A wide range of plans is available in HDFC Health Insurance and it’s affordable. HDFC Ergo health insurance hospital list: 7300+ of hospitals are covered maximum cities in India.

HDFC Ergo General Insurance is India’s Leading general insurance company. HDFC Ergo General Insurance was founded in the year 2002.

It is Joint Venture between HDFC Ltd and Ergo International AG. This is a Mumbai based company. HDFC Ergo active 122 Branches in India and spread across 106 cities.

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Review: 

            HDFC ergo health insurance reviews: Reviews can help us to choose the best health insurance plan.

People are rating the Health insurance company and commented on their services.

A health insurance review is the parameter which shows the position of the health insurance company in the service industry.

Various type of experience is shared in Health insurance reviews.

Before choosing the best health insurance plan kindly search the review first.

Hdfc Health chart basically depends on  Zone A and Zone B, and Bifurcations like Diamond Plan, Gold Plan, Silver Plan, Platinum plan ext.

Coverage and facilities are reflected on Health chart.  

And these facilities are covered or depend on Insured Age.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance

Types Of Health Insurance Available In HDFC Health Insurance:

   Best feature is in HDFC Ergo Health insurance is Vast cashless hospital network in India. Nowadays medical expenses are increasing much faster.

And these expenses may be draining your expenses.

That’s why its necessary to choose the best health plan as per your need.

Below are the various health plans designed by HDFC Ergo Health insurance:

1) Individual Health Insurance:

   A huge network of Cashless fewer Hospitals with Vast coverage and no sub-limits on room rents.

Hospitalization expenses depend on medical technology or there hike in treatment as well as hospitalization expenses.

For facing any kind of Illness, or Dieses these medical expenses may have to drain your saving. Keep yourself financially prepared against unexpected medical expenses.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance
2) Family Health Insurance:

   In India, maximum families belong to Joint family and family member are very important for us and last forever.

Maximum time we are spending with our Family members. Even one member suffering cause any disease its impact the entire family.

That’s why its necessary to buy Family health insurance to our Family as per family need.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance
3) Parents Health Insurance:

   Parents by passing the time they grow old.

And it’s our duty to care well. Due to multiple medical issues and growing age, their immunity slows down.

Medical cost, Doctors Fees, Lab reports, Medical treatment may be draining your savings. That’s why insurance is necessary for parents. and a good plan designed by HDFC Ergo Health insurance.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance
4) Senior Citizen Health Insurance:

   An old age person is facing more ailments of diseases. And maybe the affected their savings.

Tress free retirement is depended and financial planning. And Health insurance is a part of financial planning.

Because of Its cover Health risk and take cares of increasing medical expenses. Buying the health insurance policies the life become stress-free.

Hdfc ergo senior citizen health insurance: An old age person is facing more ailments of diseases.

And maybe the affected their savings.

Tress free retirement is depended and financial planning.

And Health insurance is a part of financial planning.

Because of Its cover Health risk and take cares of increasing medical expenses.

Buying the health insurance policies the life become stress-free.

Hdfc Ergo senior citizen policy designed for higher age group and total cover with lifetime renewability.

Required higher cover for senior citizens, in Hdfc Ergo senior citizen policy, covers medical expenses 60 days before and 90 days post hospitalization.

More than 13+ critical illness which covered in Hdfc Ergo senior citizens.

There is no entry age limit senior citizen can get health insurance above 60 years.

No pre-policy medical check-up is required for individuals’ up to 55 years* of age, subject to no health adversity.

The medical expenses incurred for a specified number of days prior to hospitalization for any disease, illness or injury sustained which is covered under the health insurance Policy.

And post-hospitalization expenses means the medical expenses incurred for a specified number of days after discharge from the Hospital.

In Hdfc Ergo Helth policy the pre-hospitalization period is 60 days while the post-hospitalization period is 90 days.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance
5) Critical Illness: 

   We are living in uncertain life, and its necessary to prepare for uncertain expenses.

In our society, we heard of how people were caught diagnosed with cancer, Heart attack, Brain stroke, and many such unheard medical terms.

And that person who suffered from the critical illness he may not able to lead a normal Lifestyle.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance designed this policy, especially for Critical Illness.

6) Health Medisure Super Top Up:

   We need big Health cover as per the rising health treatment Cost. Health insurance cover lots of benefits.

But HDFC Ergo provides you Top up facilities or take it as needed cover your existing health insurance.

It provides you with a larger coverage at a much affordable premium.

Newest features of Health Insurance in India:

Health Insurance is one part in India that is continually changing and more lining up with the necessities of the customers.

HDFC Ergo health insurance

The awareness improved of the policyholders here is a simple explanation of the 5 newest changes in Health Insurance plans in India:

Lifetime Renewability:

   As the age by age, it becomes very difficult to get health coverage and also the premium increases.

But don’t worry,

This is where lifetime renewability stands for you and your feature. Maximum of the insurance companies had put a limit of 65 or70 years of age for health insurance.

But according to the revised guidelines of the IRDAI, all health insurance providers have to offer lifetime renewability.

Once the insurer offers a health insurance policy plan then they are required to keep on renewing it until the policyholder’s lifetime.


   While deciding on a plan this is one of the most critical features of health insurance to be considered.

In the case of hospitalization, the total cost incurred is the sum of various factors such as the cost of medicines, room rent, cost of equipment surgery fees, etc.

Sub-limit means that there will be a separate cap on the reimbursement of each of these parts.

Sub-limits are mostly applied with an option of the decreased premium amount.

Worldwide Health Coverage:

   With the evolved health insurance plans, it is possible to have access to the best of health coverage across the world.

Opting for international health plans can ensure not just seamless emergency health services abroad but also medical coverage in case you need to travel for better health services abroad.

OPD Charges & Day Care:

   Until recently, the prerequisite of coverage of health insurance plans in India was a minimum hospitalization of 24 hours.

But with recent development in the health insurance segment, certain critical procedures or treatment that require some hours time such as eye surgery, dialysis, lithotripsy, chemotherapy etc. these are also being covered under health insurance.

In short procedures such as dental care which neither fall under daycare, nor under 24-hour hospitalization are also being covered as outpatient expenses.

No medical tests up to age 45:

   In order to make health insurance buying process bother free, insurance providers are picking for no medical tests for applicants up to the age of 45.

However, what is critical to this feature is that the applicants making a full and honest disclosure of their health condition.

And fill up the form carefully, In case of a discrepancy then they will be liable to heavy penalties, including cancellation of the Policy.

No. of members:

   The HDFC Health insurance plan covers a maximum of 4 members of your family with up to 2 adults and 2 children.

Pre & Post hospitalization cover: 

   The Hdfc Health Insurance plan covers medical expenses for 60 days prior to hospitalization and 90 days post hospitalization only for related medical expenses.

Health Checkups:

   On successful completion of 4 claim-free years, the health check-up expenses are reimbursed.

Pre-existing diseases:

   After 4 years of waiting period, pre-existing diseases are covered.


   The plan has no co-payment policy.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance

Various Health Plans are Available In HDFC Health Insurance:

Health Suraksha Gold insurance Plan:

   This is one of the premier plan presented by HDFC Ergo. It is an excellent plan.

The very reasonable premium you can expect good coverage through this plan.

Medical expenses these days makes a hole in the pocket and reduce our saving.

Good health Insurance plan can shield you from such medical emergencies.

These plans can be actual financial support at the time of health-related problem and medical emergency.

This is a comprehensive and complete plan that covers maternity benefits and provides free E-opinion for critical illness:

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Claim Process
HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Inclusions
HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Exclusions

My health care super top-up Insurance:

   HDFC Ergo Health Insurance presented one of the pioneer product for you.

You get disturbed if a member of your family is suffering any kind of illness.

HDFC Ergo Health insurance can restore their happiness along with yours.

In this product, the best feature is it acts as a top-up for any plan.

It can be teamed with any product that’s why it will act as a super combo.

This plan ensures good health for your beloved family members as well and saves money also.

It is a great support for you and your family.

In short, this is the best plan for Family Health cover.

Health Suraksha Gold with regaining and ECB:

   This plan is inclusive of many features and benefits.

It is comprehensive and it includes lots of things.

Similar to the Health Suraksha Gold, for a little extra premium, customers can get the benefit of Enhanced Cumulative Bonus cover and sum insured regain benefit as well.

It’s a recent launch but one of the most advantageous policy by HDFC ERGO.

It’s not too high on cost yet provides a cumulative bonus of 10% that can be enhanced after non-claim year.

Health Medisure Classic:

   Quintessential role-playing your parents in your upbringing.

What we are today all credit goes to them they burn the midnight oil to make us.

While your growing age, they get prone to many diseases.

It becomes your responsibility to take care of them with old age.

Then time to think what best can be done is to buy them with good health Insurance plans.

HDFC Ergo Health Plan (measure classic plan) came up with exclusive coverage for parents.

With my Healthcare classic plan we can top up the plan as per your requirements.

Health medical Classic plan is designed keeping in mind the medical needs of our parents.

With this plan, we can be prepared for any uncertain ailments of our parents.

Critical Illness Silver Health Insurance Plan:

 However, with treatment done on time, it critical illness can be cured otherwise critical illness is the disease that can lead them to death of the person.

This plan provides es lump-sum amount if the insured is afflicted with these 8 critical illnesses.

Multiple sclerosis and cancer also include as well in critical illness.

But they are covered after 30 days of diagnosis. Below is the list of critical illness.

  •  Kidney failure
  •  Major organ transplantation
  •  Heart attack
  •  Stroke
  •  Cancer
  •  Multiple Sclerosis
  •  Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  •  Paralysis Etc.
HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Silver Plan

Critical Illness Platinum Health Insurance Plan:

 This plan is similar to a previous plan but it gave you a better variant and covers 15 different illnesses. This can be a saviour when a customer is at the lowest point of life. Below are the illness list is covered.

  • Benign Brain Tumour          
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • End-Stage Liver Disease
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Kidney failure
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  • Paralysis
  • Major Organ Transplantation
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Primary Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
  • Aorta Graft Surgery
  • Heart Attack Heart
  • Valve Replacement

At HDFC Ergo health insurance are continually restructuring their policies according to the most current features of health insurance ensuring comfort seamless and innumerable benefits for the customers.

HDFC Ergo Health InsurancePlatinum Plan

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance renewal:    

   We can renew our HDFC Health insurance Policies very easily.

30 days grace period after expiring date of Policy will be given by HDFC Ergo for renewal purpose.

Renewal premium depends on Coverage and your or insurer age is consider for renewal premium.

You can choose the best way like online renewal to be, It is very easy and convenient and its save your time.

And another way for instant renewal is to call on 18002700700 and it’s Toll-free. Local branch also available or customer also visits for the further details.

With HDFC ERGO Health Insurance renewal you can very easily renew your health insurance policies for family, parents, Individual and senior citizens.

When you choosing an online renewal process that is a smart way as you can save time, it’s easy and convenient also.

Steps for Health Insurance Policy Renewal Online:

  1. Visit www.hdfcergo.com and click on “Instant Renewal”.
  2. Enter your policy details ( i.e. Policy No. Policy expire date).
  3. Fill the details and your premium for renewal shall get generated.
  4. Make the payment and renewal will be done.
HDFC Ergo Heath Insurance

Reimbursement Claim settlement comes when you are not able to go to any of the networked hospitals.

You can get the amount credited back to our account within 10 to 15 days.

For claim settlement, you need to submit all the bills in original to the Insurance company.

It can be done online or by visiting the branch.

Required documents are as below:

1)   Doctors prescriptions

2)   Medicine Bills

3)   Original Medical Test, Diagnosis  Reports and Copies

4)   Filled Claim Form ( issued by HDFC Ergo )

5)   Any other bill related to the Claim  

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Claim Form:

Different types of claim forms are available for different types of policies.

PDF format forms are available on our websites.

In the claim form required minimum information.

Like Policy No, claim type, Name, Address and basic health information, Declaration. Etc.   

The premium  Calculation of health insurance depends on a few concern points like Zone, selected plan, Age, Sum Insured, the condition of health, Additional members, Coverage or additional covers etc.

A Cashless Facility In HDFC Ergo Health Insurance:

Cashless facility is only available on those hospitals which are listed in. More than 7300+ cashless hospital network in India are listed in HDFC Ergo Health insurance Ltd.

And it’s a very strong network, also its affordable to the insurer.

Basically an emergency Hospitalisation we need of cashless hospitalization.

Because that enough time to decide the best hospital nearby and you want to get admitted depending type of illness.

HDFC Health Insurance Company settles hospital bills which are listed.

At the time of hospitalization insurer under the economic burden and HDFC Ergo Health Insurance will help to reduce that.

In short cashless health insurance is of great advantage during medical emergencies assists.

For example, after the patient discharged then the insurance company will settle the bill.

FAQs About HDFC Ergo Renewal Health Insurance:

Q: How to renew HDFC Ergo health insurance?

Ans. Online is the best and quick option to renew your policy or Call on 1800 2700 700 and renew instantly

Q: How is the HDFC Ergo Health Insurance renewal premium calculated?

Ans. The renewal premium is calculated depending upon your Plan, Coverage and your Age.

Q: Can I renew my expired policy?

Ans. Yes, of course. You can renew your expired policy within 30 days from the expiry date.

Q: How do I get cashless treatment without documentation?

Ans: In Cashless treatments are added benefits provided by insurance companies.

It doesn’t require any pre-documentation process.  

All you have to do is just visit the hospital and give your policy number etc.

All coordination is taken care by the hospitals and TPA companies.

Maximum health insurance companies provide the cashless facility.

They do it with the help of their network of hospitals.

Q: What is the Claim settlement process and how fast will I get money to the insured?

Ans: In such cases, you need to make payments initially. Same can be reimbursed by any of the network hospitals. We need to submit documents within 30 days of discharge.

Q: How do I find the network of the hospital on the website?

Ans: Chain of the hospital is easily provided on the website of the company.

You can easily download or check the details as per your requirement.

Q: What do we do if our claim gets rejected?

Ans: Suppose your claim gets rejected then you must refer to the policy documents carefully.

If your disease is covered then you must contact the TPA Company branch.  

If TPA can’t help than you can reach ombudsman as per the discretion of IRDA.

Q: In case of any query or help desk are available?

Ans: Their customer care is operational 24*7  You can contact them anytime on toll-free numbers.

Q: What is the best policy of HDFC Ergo?

Ans: All policies are good in HDFC Ergo Health Insurance. But you should select the one that suits your requirements and needs.

HDFC Ergo Health Insurance Help Desk:

Available of  24X7 HDFC ergo health insurance customer care number Toll-Free 18002700700.

Visit on for any Help regarding health insurance-www.hdfcergo.com/customer-care.html.

Corporate Office Address: HDFC Ergo General insurance co ltd 5th floor, Tower 1, Steller IT Park, C-25, Sector-62, Noida – 201301. State: Utter Pradesh

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