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HDFC Ergo General Insurance

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company

   HDFC ERGO General insurance company may be a 51:49 venture between the housing development Finance Corporation Ltd. (HDFC), India’s premier Housing Finance Institution, and ERGO International conductor the primary insurance entity of the Munich Re group of Germany.

   The company marked the primary merger within the General Insurance sector in August 2017, with IRDAI’s approval for the merger of HDFC ERGO General Insurance Co. Ltd. with HDFC General Insurance Ltd. (formerly known as L&T General Insurance Co. Ltd.), and therefore the merged entity, known as HDFC ERGO General Insurance Co. Ltd., is that the third largest General Insurance provider within the private sector.

   HDFC ERGO offers a product like Motor, Health, Travel, Home and Private Accident Insurance within the retail space and customized product like Property, Marine and Liability Insurance within the corporate space through its huge network of 122 branches that are spread across 106 cities and a good distribution network.

   HDFC ERGO has left no stone right-side-out in providing client service because the Company follows a 30-minute turn-around-time (TAT) for the process of pre-authorised cashless health insurance Claims and a 15 minute TAT to procedure pre-authorised cashless Motor Insurance claims.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance:

   HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited is that the third largest General Insurance Company within the private sector.

This Mumbai-based General insurance company caters to insurance wants to start from Motor, Health, Travel, Industrial to Rural Agriculture.

In the world of insurance, strength of a company is everything. Insurance prospects search for brands that have a sound money background excluding different options.

   HDFC ERGO Insurance is one such name.

Similar to other general insurance companies, HDFC ERGO may be a venture company formed by HDFC, associate legendary housing finance organization, and ERGO International Ag. one among the most important insurance companies in Europe, owned by the Munich Regroup.

This tie-up provides diverse choices to its Indian customers within the General Insurance strata like Individual, Vehicular, corporate and others.

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   The company was established in 2002. It’s an IAAA rating awarded by ICRA for its highest claim paying capability.

   It conjointly has ISO 9001:2008 certification for its Operations and Services section for customer Expertise Management and Claims Management.

   Awards Excellence in financial coverage FY 2014-15.

   In 2016, the company serviceable quite 5 million policies.

   It’s the fourth largest company in general Insurance within the private sector and third largest within the Non-Motor bracket.

Key Features:

  • Complete and comprehensive product general insurance.
  • Niche product obtainable within the business offerings section.
  • Also caters to the agricultural phase of society with policies for agriculture, cattle, and rain.
  • Covers, individuals, workspaces, vehicles between general insurance offers.
  • ISO 9001-2008 certification on policy issuance, client service, and claim services.
  • 108 branches in 91 cities.
  • The largest player in the personal accidents section within the industry.
  • Best digital services like online HDFC ERGO general claim form.
  • Instant online renewals.
  • Has the widest range of product for commercial insurance.
  • Special offers obtainable on the show of HDFC ERGO health card from independent service suppliers.

Types Of Products:

  • Health Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Home Insurance
  • Personal Accident
  • Commercial Insurance

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance:

   HDFC Ergo Insurance, one in all the foremost trusty names within the health insurance area, provides a spread of health insurance plans that are designed intuitively to suit everybody.

   Promising nice customer service, the company offers Health Suraksha plan, critical ill health policy and also incorporates a plan in place to cover personal accidents.

   With health insurance plans from HDFC Ergo, all you’ve got to worry concerning is your well-being.

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HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Plan:

  1. Health Suraksha Gold Insurance Plan
  1. My Healthcare Super Top Up Insurance
  1. Health Suraksha Gold With Regain and ECB
  1. My Health Medisure classic
  1. Critical Illness Silver Health Insurance Plan
  1. Critical Illness Platinum Health Insurance Plan
HDFC ERGO General Insurance

1.Health Suraksha Gold Insurance Plan:

   Health Suraksha Gold is one of the premier plans establish by HDFC Ergo.

   It’s so an excellent plan. With terribly reasonable premium we will expect smart coverage through this plan.

   Medical expenses lately make a hole in the pocket. The good health Insurance plan will protect the U.S. from such a crisis.

   These plans may be real support at the time of health-related drawback.

   This is often a comprehensive and complete plan that covers maternity benefits and provides free E-opinion for critical unhealthiness.

   It may be bought online and includes recuperation profit too.

2. My: Health Medisure Super Top Up Insurance:

   Just like each very little appreciation in life brings joy and happiness, in a very similar manner adding up an enormous health cover to your existing health insurance will also bring in various benefits.

   HDFC ERGO understands the rising price of medical treatments and to fulfill the growing costs there’s a requisite for higher coverage by paying a nominal premium.

   You’ll select My Health Medisure Super Top Up Insurance as a fresh policy or take it as a new cover to your existing health insurance that can be with HDFC ERGO or with the other Indian General Insurance Company to boot, you’ll add it to your worker Health cover too for increasing the coverage and covering major sudden medical expenses.

   HDFC ERGO’s My Health Medisure Super High Up Insurance enhances your health cover to supply you a bigger coverage at a way reasonable premium.

3. Health Suraksha Gold With Regain and ECB:

    Health Suraksha Gold with Regain and ECB provides you a comprehensive health cover against fast illnesses/injuries.

   It’s an inexpensive health plan provides cover against in-patient treatment and pre & post hospitalization expenses.

   This health policy provides an advantage of the improved additive bonus and regain of sum insured profit so you’ll focus only on healthcare treatment.


  • No limit for age at entry
  • Enhanced accumulative Bonus @ 100 percent per claim free year up to 100 percent of sum insured
  • REGAIN profit – Automatic accessibility of sum Insured upon its exhaustion
  • No Sub-limits on any illness, room rent, hospital charges, and doctor charges
  • Convalescence profit provided
  • AYUSH cover available
  • Maternity cover available
  • Avail cashless services across 6000+ hospitals
  • Lifelong renewability
  • E opinion for critical ill health
  • Enjoy hassle-free claims procedure
  • Get advantages on taxation under Section 80D of the income tax Act

4.My Health Medisure classic:

   HDFC ERGO my health Medisure Classic Insurance may be a comprehensive health insurance policy that takes care of medical costs arising because of unwellness, accident or any injury.

   The policy offers some smart options like replacement of sum assured, maternity and newborn baby cover and extra recovery benefit.


  • No limit on entry age
  • Reinstatement of sum Insured (SI) just in case of hospitalization due to an accident
  • Pre-existing diseases covered when a 3-year waiting period
  • lifelong renewals
  • Maternity and newborn baby cover
  • additional recovery profit once hospitalization exceeds ten continuous days

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5.Critical Illness Silver Health Insurance Plan:

   The critical illness platinum plan is an advanced variant of critical illness profit plan the critical illness Gold and Silver plan offered by HDFC ERGO health insurance.   

   This plan offers lump sum profit post designation of 15 critical illness that not only covers hospitalization expenses however conjointly would facilitate to beat different debts due to expenses for treatment of critical illness.

   Here may be a temporary review of this product.

   Compared to the Gold and the Silver plans by HDFC ERGO, the platinum 78 Health Insurance Plan covers the maximum number of ailments.

   The list of ailment covered underneath critical illness platinum profit plan is as follows:

  • Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)
  • Coronary Artery Bypass surgery
  • Stroke
  • Benign brain tumor
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s unwellness
  • End Stage liver disease
  • Cancer
  • Kidney Failure
  • Major Organ / Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Paralysis
  • Aorta Graft Surgery
  • Primary pulmonary arterial hypertension
  • Heart Valve Replacement

6. Critical Illness Platinum Health Insurance Plan:

   Imagine you’re completely knocked out and someone simply comes and kick you in your shin.

   How will you feel?

   You may feel in an identical manner after you or your favorite ones are going through rough section (critical illness) and rather than obtaining moral support, all you get is the worry, medical bills, and a few additional worries.

   It’s therefore hard to deal with the consequences of critical health diseases not just for the patient, however, family additionally and higher than that, not finding that single ray of hope to survive and revive just disheartens you moreover.

   Thus, it’s important to have planned in advance for such unforeseen things and invest some of your time find out apt health plan.

Benefits and options:

Basic Attributes:

   Critical Illness Platinum Insurance Health Plan could be a unique plan that looks within the most critical phase of your life.

   It offers your profit that lifts up your burden for a few extents and provides offers.

   There is a way to beat the illness or a minimum of gives you an opportunity to beat it somehow.

   Here area unit few attributes of an important illness platinum medical plan-

Take it and Conquer-

   It is not a rocket science to understand that few diseases are too expensive to cure and positively demand a lot of care and cash to leave your body.

   Thus from the policy given below, after thirty days period is over, the insurance company gets huge amount throughout the primary designation itself so that he/she will start with the 1st part of the treatment of illness straightaway, after all, you can’t afford to attend in such conditions.

Eligible Age

   The eligible age to enter the policy is five years and therefore the exiting age is sixty-five years.

   Thus, the policy covers all those linking 5-65 years of age.

Pre-Medical Check-Up –

   In order to buy this medical plan, individuals on top of 45 years getting on the need to go through medical check-up and also the remaining will straightaway get the policy.

Your Coverage Umbrella:

   Below critical Ill Health Medical plan by HDFC Ergo, 15 critical illnesses are covered, thus, the coverage area is wider and relief for you is a lot of.

   The list of those health conditions are as follows

  • Stroke
  • Paralysis
  • myocardial infarction or as ordinarily called ‘Heart Attack’
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Cancer
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Benign brain tumor
  • Coronary artery Bypass Surgery
  • End Stage liver disease
  • Primary pneumonic arterial hypertension
  • Major organ transplantation
  • Parkinson’s
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart Valve Replacement
  • Artery Graft Surgery

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Hdfc Ergo Health Insurance Renewal:

HDFC Ergo health insurance plans are simply brought through numerous channels.

Some of them area unit as follows:-

  1. online – online we are able to buy on the website or any online e-commerce policy sites also
  2. Offline – offline we are able to buy through distribution channels like banks, agents or the other.

Hdfc Ergo Health Insurance Renewal process:

In order to renew our policy we tend to shall pay the premium on the due date. to stay the track of an equivalent we are able to either check it online or offline through distributors. as an alternative, we can call on their toll-free client care number as well.

Shall we buy HDFC ERGO health insurance online?

The process of buying a policy online is kind of simple. we tend to just would like few documents and may take the policy. Payments is easily created through NEFT or the other online methodology as obtainable.

Online buying offers following advantages.

  1. faster process
  2. Cheaper rates
  3. easy accessibility

How to do the contrast with online web Aggregators?

Before buying the policy we will continuously do fast comparison of various alternative health insurance Plans.

Online web aggregators sites are very beneficial in choosing appropriate health insurance plan.

We can simply check various plans from these websites. they’ll help us in some ways as follows.

  1. Quick comparison.
  2. Better decision
  3. Informed choice

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Review:

When it comes to claim settlement ratio, HDFC ERGO insurance incorporates a very healthy record. that is strikingly encouraging for their potential customers. pricing wise, their product perform quite well compared to their counterparts from competitors. With reference to deductions and room rent limits, HDFC ERGO health insurance passes with flying colours. they’re okay once it comes to waiting periods and their no-claim bonus structure isn’t the foremost flattering; they provide a 5-hitter bonus for each claim-free year, with a maximum bonus of 50.

HDFC ERGO Health Insurance Customer Care

Toll Free- 1800 2 700 700 (accessible from India Only)

Fax (UAN)- 1860 2000 600 (Local charges applicable)

Authorisation issues: preauth@hdfcergo.com

Network Hospital Issues:  nsp@hdfcergo.com

Customer claims Query: healthclaims@hdfcergo.com

Address HCS – Noida

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Co. Ltd.

5th floor, Tower 1, Stellar IT Park,

C-25, Sector-62, Noida – 201301

HCS – Chennai

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Co. Ltd.

RR Tower II, 2nd Floor, No: 94/95

T.V.K Industrial Estate, Guindy,

Chennai – 600 032.

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance:

In the automobile Insurance in India, private car insurance is that the fastest growing sector because it may be a must for all the new cars. the amount of premium varies on the premise of the cost|the price and value of the car, the state wherever the car is registered and also the year of manufacture.

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The HDFC ERGO car insurance policy allows an individual to safeguard himself/herself against any loss or damage of his/her car within the circumstances just like the unsure risk of accident, theft or natural disasters.

It additionally comprises of a 3rd party liability, that covers claims by the third party once the insured car damages other’s property.

The HDFC ERGO car insurance is managed by a team of experienced and thorough professionals who are catering to necessities and insurance requirements of the customers in any hour of emergency.

Features and advantages

  • Online Transactions- With HDFC ERGO, you’ll be able to get your car insured online in a fast and easy manner.
  • Once you provide your details, a client care representative can call you, examine the car and issue the policy.
  • One may renew the policy if the previous policy has expired .
  • SMS Updates Tracking- Once you apply for a new policy or renewal, you’ll be unbroken informed  regarding the status of application through regular SMSes.
  • Also, online tracking will be finished the unique number provided.
  • A Number of Discounts-The HDFC Ergo car insurance policy comes with a host of additional advantages and discounts.
  • Special offers area unit extended to those that area unit registered members of the Automobile Association.
  • A variety of plans-HDFC ERGO offers a good range of plans and you’ll be able to select the most effective plan that suits your needs.
  • some of the insurance plans involve Silver plan, Gold Plan, platinum plan and titanium plan.
  • Excellent customer support-With a dedicated customer support team available 24/7, any queries may be resolved instantly.

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Easy Steps to use for HDFC ERGO car insurance online:

  With HDFC ERGO, buying an insurance policy online is hassle-free and instant. just log on to their web site and follow these steps:

  • Fill out the online form to get a rough estimate of the premium payable for the type of insurance policy that you simply have chosen
  • Fill in your personal details
  • If you’re happy with the quote, initiate the payment method online and you’ll receive your car insurance policy during a matter of minutes.
  • The policy document will then be downloaded online.

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Renewal:

You’ve spent a lot to buy your beloved car and to confirm it remains protected against possible threats; it’s well to opt for a car insurance policy.

This helps keep the financial worries at bay and permits you to drive with a complete peace of mind. although most folks buy a car insurance policy quite promptly, it’s observed that we frequently fail renewing our policies.

selecting an online renewal process is that the best approach as you’ll save time; it’s easy and convenient too.

to understand a way to renew car insurance read the below-mentioned steps:

Easy ways in which to renew the policy:

Car Insurance Renewal Procedure could be a very simple and simple task to perform. just by following simple steps you’ll easily renew your policy

  • Enter your policy details
  • Look for add on covers to reinforce your coverage for securing your car
  • Fill the unit and your premium for renewal shall get generated
  • Build the payment and renewal for your car insurance policy is done

Renewal of expired car insurance:

      Missing out on renewals may lead you in legal trouble and also create financial losses, just in case of associate uncertain event.

do not forget to renew your policy to enjoy continuous advantage of No Claim Bonus.

Worried about inspection, post expiry! currently HDFC ERGO has designed self-inspection applications, that helps you in clicking photos and record videos of your car and send it for inspection.

Virtual inspection saves time and helps in fast policy issue within an hour.

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Renewal Online:

With HDFC ERGO, car insurance renewal may be a fast and hassle free process.

With minimal paperwork and speedy process you’ll renew car insurance policy in no time.

The renewal process is a lot of or less a similar as buying a new policy and might be done through 3 simple steps.

Step 1:- Enter the expiring policy in a details on the insurance renewal online form. the form is accessed through the Policy Planner website.

Step 2:- Proceed to the next page to look at the new policy details

Step 3:- make payment online and your car insurance policy are going to be renewed instantly.

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Claim process for HDFC ERGO car insurance:

It is easy and simple to file a claim on the HDFC ERGO car insurance policy. download the HDFC ERGO mobile app and log on to the Insurance Portfolio Organizer in Google play store. Once this is often done, you only have to fill in some basic details to link your policy account with the mobile app and you’ll register your claim instantly. Calls can even be created on the company’s toll-free number to register a claim. There are a few important tips that need to be followed whereas filing a claim. Below are the details:

  • Always guarantee an FIR is filed as before long as possible in case of damages to property, thieving or bodily injury.
  • In case of a serious accident, it’s always better to inform the insurance company right away so that the insurers will come to the accident spot for examination and ascertain the value of damage.
  • In cases of serious injuries, death, third party damage, riots, strikes, the incident should be reportable immediately to the nearest police station.

Cashless Claim process for HDFC ERGO car insurance:

A specific procedure has to be followed whereas initiating a cashless claim process. the following area unit the steps to be taken:

  • Log on to the HDFC ERGO web site and find the nearest network garage. a similar info can even be obtained by making a call to the company’s toll-free number.
  • If the car is in a very condition to drive, then take it to the nearest network garage. If not, call for roadside towing assistance.
  • The extent of damage are going to be assessed by the surveyor.
  • Regular updates on the status of the car are going to be provided through SMSes or emails at every stage of the claim process.
  • Once the car is prepared when repair, the policyholder has to make a payment for compulsory deductibles or depreciation, if any, and take the car home. The balance amount are going to be paid to the network garage by the insurance company.
  • A claim computation sheet and breakup of information are going to be provided to the policyholder for reference.

Reimbursement Claim process for HDFC ERGO car insurance:

The claim application process slightly varies once it comes to reimbursement. the following are the steps to be draw to file a claim for reimbursement:

  • Register a claim on the HDFC ERGO mobile app or toll-free customer care number.
  • Once a claim is registered, a surveyor from the insurance company can assess the extent of damage or losses caused.
  • Fill the claim form and make a submission with the list of needed documents mentioned.
  • The claim are going to be processed once the documents are received.
  • SMS updates will be sent to the policyholder at each stage of the claim process.
  • A claim computation sheet and breakup of knowledge are going to be provided to the policyholder for reference.

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Renewal Premium Calculator:

Go to the car insurance premium calculator page. Then click on calculate premium tab and submit the following details to induce instant car insurance quotes online –

  1. calculating Premium for News Cars- within the case of latest car insurance, the details needed are as follows–
  • Coverage type (comprehensive or third party car insurance)
  • Car registration date
  • Name of the manufacturer
  • Car model
  • IDV
  • City of registration
  • Add on covers

Generate car insurance quotes instantly by clicking here

  1. calculating Premium for Used Cars – For used cars, you have got to submit details like your vehicle’s 1st sales invoice date, the city of registration, the name of the model and manufacturer, registration date and IDV. for immediate car insurance quotes click here
  2. To calculate motor insurance renewal premium, you’ll be able to simply click here

HDFC ERGO Car Insurance Review:

  HDFC ERGO is backed with quite 3400 garage networks and quality service with fast solutions. With helpful add-ons on offers, the car insurance plan provides comprehensive coverage to protect your vehicle just in case of any accident. With an extensive network of cashless garages, prompt and seamless client service, that claims to have 95th claim settlement ratio for car, you must consider HDFC ERGO for your car insurance.

HDFC ERGO Two Wheeler Insurance:


  • Avail of our cashless claim service over 3400+ authorised network of garages across India
  • Buy and renew the policy on-line
  • Get Personal Accident protect Owner and Driver


  • Avail of a spread of discounts and membership to the auto Association
  • Wide coverage of this policy includes liability to 3rd parties and private driver accident cover
  • Protect loss or injury to vehicle because of terrorist act, riots, strikes, malicious acts

Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Online:

         Riding a two wheeler could be a fun-filled activity; it’s simply you and your beloved bike WHO rides across the mushy terrains for cherishing long experiences.

Be it an incautious cruiser ride through off roads or everyday scooter ride to office through engorged roads, your two-wheeler is so an incredible way to travel all over.

though riding a two-wheeler is an exciting expertise, it’s conjointly vulnerable to road accidents. Similarly, external factors like natural calamities and damages because of the third party might cause severe hazards to your life and two-wheeler too.

To procure exorbitant repair costs and wear down accidental damages, you’ll have to shed a hefty amount.

With the rising inflation in india, the costs of spare elements and labor charges have seen an incredible hike.

Even a minor repair or substitution a spare may additionally cost you a fortune.

To avoid such a scenario and enjoy the whole peace whereas riding your two-wheeler, it’s better to prefer a comprehensive 2 wheeler insurance cover.

For a hassle-free bike riding expertise and security against unforeseen incidents, 2 Wheeler Insurance cover is necessary.

As per the motorcars Act in india, it’s compulsory to prefer third party insurance for your vehicle.

However, it’s invariably counseled to prefer

a comprehensive 2 wheeler insurance for securing your bike entirely against accidents, damages, theft, total injury, and personal accident.

How to Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Online Steps:

  • Visit Policy Planer Website
  • Check our HDFC bike insurance plans
  • Choose your best suited plan
  • Buy now & insure your two wheeler


24*7 Support

Policy Planner offers around the clock support for convenience and a hassle-free expertise. you’ll call us on 1800 1200 771 or write an e-mail to : info@policyplanner.com

Zero Documentation

You need not go through extended procedures for buying online 2 wheeler insurance

Trusted by Millions

With over 75 lakhs happy customers, HDFC ERGO may be a recognized brand for taking care of your insurance desires.

The complete has been appointed ‘iAAA rating by ICRA indicating its highest claim paying ability.

Fair and clear claim settlement policies

HDFC ERGO Motor Insurance claims area unit settled with utmost transparency

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Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Renewal :

               Renewing bike insurance online is straightforward and hassle free.

per annum it’s necessary to renew your bike policy for enjoying continuous advantages. This helps keep the concerns aside and ensures peaceful riding expertise.

rather like we tend to buy insurance policies online, equally you’ll simply go for 2 wheeler insurance online renewals by following easy steps.

hdfc ergo bike insurance Renew ?

For hdfc ergo two wheeler insurance renewal you wish to follow the below steps:

  • Enter your policy details
  • Look for add-on covers to boost your coverage for securing your two-wheeler
  • Fill the main points to generate renewal premium
  • Make the payment and renewal for your 2 wheeler policy is done

Hdfc Ergo Two Wheeler Insurance Review:

Key advantages of HDFC Ergo 2 Wheeler Insurance
  • Cashless Garage Network – 3400+ Cashless garage across in India
  • Special Add-on covers – Zero Depreciation, No Claim Bonus Protection in Hdfc
Discounts Offered by HDFC Ergo 2 Wheeler Insurance

HDFC Ergo General Insurance offers several attractive discounts that the customer will avail.

No-Claim Bonus: The no-claim bonus may be a discount offered on consecutive year’s premium.

If you create no claims throughout the year, you’re benefited with the huge discount on the next year’s premium.

If for the primary year you created no claims you’re offered with 200th discount on the second year premium then on.

It keeps on increasing. the following table can give the main points.

No Of Year’sDiscount
No Claim free year20%
Two consecutive Claim free year25%
Three consecutive Claim free year35%
Four consecutive Claim free year45%
Five consecutive Claim free year50%

Other Discounts: HDFC Ergo General Insurance offers alternative discounts provided you’re a member of any recognized Automobile Association of India

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Additional discounts for long term policy: HDFC Ergo offers additional discount on purchase of multi-year (long-term) hdfc ergo bike insurance. additionally to that, you get the next percentage of discount on NCB as compared to one year client. Moreover, you save money on third-party policy that keeps hiking once a year by 15-20%.

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance:

HDFC ERGO Travel Insurance may be a low-cost plan for Overseas Travel.

whether or not you’re traveling on work or vacation, either alone or along with your family, this plan is of nice assistance just in case of an emergency. The plan is called Travel Safe.

The plan may be purchased online with instant issuance without any medical check-ups.

Key features of HDFC ERGO Travel insurance policy

  • Policy may be purchased online instantly
  • International travel help supplier on call 24*7
  • Optimum Coverage at Low costs
  • Coverage for those upto the age of 70
  • No health check-ups

Travel Insurance Plans:

The types of plans below the travel insurance services of HDFC ERGO General Insurance are: –

Individual Travel Insurance:

Full coverage and advantages offered by HDFC ERGO below individual travel insurance plan which might help you in enjoying your lone and solo adventure. at the side of detailed itinerary, travel tickets, documents, tour guide, etc., travel insurance could be a must for a secure and secure foreign trip in order that you are doing not run into travel hassles and ugly phases which might mar your dream holiday.

Family Travel Insurance:

The month-long planned and totally expected trip for your family is ruined thanks to unforeseen travel hazards. HDFC ERGO offers a comprehensive package which can suit your safeguard travel wants for traveling overseas.

Student Travel Insurance:

A mighty change for a 20 something small fry is to move to a different country for tutorial reasons. don’t add up to the overwhelming situation by traveling uninsured . Loss of cash or documents or essential bags will land your child during a big fix. make sure to keep the on-start of your child’s future positive during a new environment by safeguarding him with HDFC ERGO’s Student Travel Insurance.

HDFC ERGO Travel insurance  – Age Eligibility Criteria

  • Single Trip – 6 months to 70 years
  • Annual Multi Trip – 10 to 70 years
  • Family Floater choice
  • Self: upto the age of 6 years
  • Spouse:  upto the age of six years
  • Child: max 2, upto age of 21 years

HDFC ERGO Home Insurance:

HDFC ERGO Home Insurance plan is uniquely designed to protect your paradise within the very best way.

It extensively covers each structure as well as contents with long term coverage of up to 5 years at an inexpensive premium.

With home insurance policy your prized possessions and home structure gets insured and it gets ready to deal with any uncertainties which will come thereafter.

you can instantly purchase a home insurance policy online with none documentation.

It minimizes the time and gives you a hassle free buying expertise.


  • Offers five year long term cover (Only flat/home owners will avail)
  • Provision for increasing the sum insured by 100 percent at the top of each year.
  • No documentation and hassle free buying procedure.
  • Flexibility to select between 2 plans
  • Discount up to 25% and additional 15% discount for security benefits under Burglary section

HDFC ERGO Home Insurance Plans:

HDFC ERGO Home insurance plans in secure your home from major risks like a natural or man-made disasters.

HDFC ERGO Home Insurance supply plans that cover the danger and loss associated with flood, fire, burglary, and theft.

Your valuable possession will be secured below the insurance plan by HDFC ERGO Home Insurance.

you’ll customize your insurance plan with the more ad on as they need the flexible system as per the necessity of the customer.

If security systems are installed within the house, a policyholder will avail discount up to 25th + additional discounts as per the choice of plan.

they supply you a healthy and wise option to choose between 2 plans:-

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  1. Coverage against fire together with some others Perils A) Building and B) Contents.
  2. burglary and housebreaking
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